Costa is Cool

Yes folks that is right, Costa Georgiadis is one cool guy and knows a thing about why we should all record our sustainable journey.  He confirmed what I already knew, and that is that by recording our journeys, it inspires other to act.  Watch the video I took below.

I was so inspired with his words that I asked him to be a friend on facebook. I wrote that I wrote this blog and would like to put a short video of his talk up on YouTube for all to see.

Hi Costa,

The talk was great. In fact I took a video of it and was wondering if I could put the first couple of minutes of it up on YouTube where you talk about firsts and why we should record our sustainable actions?

I write a blog called The Greening of Gavin whereby I document my sustainable journey since watching An Inconvenient Truth way back in September 2006. I am also an avid gardener and have my own organic food forest including chooks.

Please let me know soonest as I would love to write a blog post about the things you talked about.



 I hope he doesn’t mind, but here is his reply;

Re: Hey Gavin
Mate it sends a chill down my spine when I hear that something I said or something the show displayed has inspired someone in some way. Everything has to be open source I have learnt so take these moments of insight and inspiration, those light bulb moments where something clicks inside and share it to the four corners of the globe. I couldn’t ask for a more full and final payment for what I do…its all about the soul when you boil it down and if we can talk to each other as a world on this level more often then what a great place we will develop. Go for your life with spreading your blog, your ever changing view… now that is something to celebrate.. Thanks for making my day

More microbes to you indeed Gav


I think that means that I have permission! What a cool guy.  You can catch his TV show, Costa’s Garden Odyssey over on SBS TV.  Nice one Costa!

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    I’m with you Gavin – Costa is fantastic. A few months back, via facebook I simply wrote that the last series of Costa’s Garden Odyssey had inspired me and he wrote back a warm and genuine reply (which I definitely didn’t expect or request!). His reply to your email reminds me of how much I want his show back on SBS!

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