Be Prepared Challenge – Spread The Word

Welcome to the last week and task of the ‘Be Prepared Challenge’, and probably more difficult than all the rest of the tasks put together.  But before I start, I would like to thank Bec of Eat at Dixiebelle fame for thinking up the concept and being the brains behind the entire event.  May I just add that it has been my absolute pleasure to participate along side of her.  Check out her first task for this weeks objective at “:: Be Prepared Challenge :: Spread the Word – Step One ::

So you have managed to get this far or certainly intend to.  You have your emergency bag or kit, you have stockpiled what you think is essential, and probably have a few emergency items for when zombies attack. 😉  Well lets hope it never gets to that stage.  Your task, if you accept it, is to SPREAD THE WORD!

Personally, this task of ‘Spread the word’ was probably not as difficult as I initially thought.  On the way home on the train tonight, I did some thinking about how I have spread the word to others and trying to influence them to think ahead a little bit and plan for events that may or may not happen in their neck of the woods.  It took me a while, but there are a few ways.  Well of course there is this blog, but my most extreme way was to show Australia my stockpile via a national TV current affairs show called the 7PM Project, but not many of us have the opportunity to do that or have TV crews visiting every so often.  Or do you?

But the most subtle and effective way is just to bring the subject up in general conversation with guests, friends and family, explain the benefits including frugality, preparedness, and maybe even being a ‘surviromentalist’ and then simply show them.  Ask them specifically what they think of the natural and man made disasters occurring throughout the world and ask if they think they are prepared.  This has always worked for me, and then you will probably find that they will then ask questions about things that you store, how long items last, or have in your emergency bag and the like. It just makes people listen and think when the message comes from someone they trust.

Also, I often joke at work with friends that I am preparing for the zombie apocalypse and that they should as well, which is kind of a running gag in the office, however friends let me know each week how they are doing little things to prepare for the big event whether it be making vegetable beds, or making food with their own home grown produce. Zombies beware I say! We are prepared. :=)

Don’t be afraid to always talk up the financial benefits of being prepared.  Money is still a personal driver for many members of our society.  From the inventory taking, insurance and photo storage, to the food mountain you have created, all will be guaranteed to save them a few bucks. 

But in the end, it doesn’t matter how prepared you are, it all comes down to community spirit.  We have certainly all see this happen in the floods, cyclone and fires in recent months.  Perfect strangers helping each other in times of need.  Call me optimistic, but I reckon that when the shit does hit the fan for a prolonged period of time either through climate events or societal collapse, not that I am expecting the later any time soon (but I maybe closer than I think with current events occurring in Northern Africa), our communities will pull together and begin to learn from one and another.  It is either that or anarchy, which personally, the Sex Pistols can keep on their record album. 

When it comes to community spirit, the best way to foster this is to join or start a group of like-minded people, or an existing service club that is active in your area.  Whatever takes your fancy really, but just get involved.  How are you going to spread the word if you don’t get out there and meet people in your local area.  So many people these days (in the west anyway), don’t know their neighbours from a bar of soap.  I am very proud to say that I do know mine, and I call them good friends.  We know that we can turn to each other for a favour or the proverbial cup of sugar when we need it the most.  It certainly is a great feeling and sense of security.

I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for participating in the ‘Be Prepared Challenge’, and it just goes to show that the virtual community is also alive and well.  I have had great feedback via email, facebook and comments that this challenge has been educational, entertaining and timely.

Also, don’t forget that Bec mentioned that she still had a few more posts regarding the challenge as well, so don’t forget to ‘Eat at Dixiebelles‘.  She has her head screwed on right does that one!

Well done, one and all.  Signing out of the challenge.



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    Dixibelle, you are most welcome.

    Penny, glad you appreciated the challenge. It looks like interest waned off near the end for a few readers though.


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    Aww, thank you SO much Gavin! I really appreciate your support, and the interest and participation from everyone too!

    I will be making it into a downloadable/ printable/ checklistable guide (this weekend), so anyone who ‘missed out’ can easily go back and do it in their own time!

    Thank you, that made my day!

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