800th Post

Well a massive milestone that just cannot go uncelebrated!  800 posts and over 140,000 visits, and 229,000 page view later, I cannot believe that it has taken only just under 3 years to achieve it.  I have been blogging since February 2008, and have enjoyed every single minute of it.  Who would have thought that when my family encouraged me to write a book about all the sustainable living actions I had taken, that I would be would have completed what in reality is an chronological encyclopaedic guide to the “Good Life”.  So many adventures and happy days.

My highlight for today was cleaning out the chook house and letting the girls run totally free range for about 7 hours.  They cleaned up the wicking bed for me, ate the low hanging plums, dust bathed in any dirt that was dry, and generally weeded the entire east side of the property for me.  Plus they fertilised everything!  It was so good to watch them clucking around in between breaks.  Their living area took me a good hour and a bit to muck out, so I had to do it in two stints with a nice cup of tea in between.  Mission accomplished.

So keep reading, there are many more posts left in this bloke yet!


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    @ Nevyn,

    Cheers mate. I wish I could have had a beer, but these antibiotics are allergic to alcohol!

    @ K

    Well done on getting inspired to giving milk its true immortality in the form of cheese.

    @ Froogs

    Thanks, and love your blog too. I am chuffed that you know Dick. So cool. Kim wrote to him once about all the things I had achieved by watching his show, but she never got a reply. Sad.

    @ Michelle J

    Many more cheesy posts to come. Stay tuned. I would love to have the space for goats!

    @ Tracey

    I am feeling much better, thanks.

    @ Olive

    Too right, might make it by the end of the year at this rate!

    @ Brydie

    Cheers bread geek! I am but a padawan learner to your Jedi Master in the bread department.

    @ Donna

    Cheers, I do my best

    @ Sarhn

    Thanks mate, I am quite chuffed at what my family and I have achieved over the last 4.5 years

    @ Jean

    Thank you.

    @ Brian

    Well done on your first steps towards a sustainable lifestyle. Enjoy the journey as you head towards your destination.

    @ Marita

    Not impressive as some blogs, but cool enough for me. It is you the readers that make me look good!

    Gav x

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    Congratulations! I love your blog, especially all of your cheesemaking posts and videos!

    I have just established a herd of dairy goats and will soon be in milk up to my eyeballs, which makes your cheese making tutorials incredibly helpful for a newbie cheese maker.

    Thanks again. Keep those great posts coming! :)

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    Hi Gavin, I meant to mention. I grew up in Fowey, next to the village of Tywardreathand still have plenty to friends and family there. Dick Strawbridge lives there and is still ‘greening his life’ and is a ‘friend’ of the school I work in, he comes in to talk to students about anything we ask, from recycling to business to gardening, he’s a smashing guy. Froogs.

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    Hi Gaving, I always look forward to reading your blog. I don’t know what I’m more jealous of. Chickens or a ready supply of chicken poo for the garden. Congratulations on the 800th post and I’m looking forward to all the others too. Love froogs xxx

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    Congratulations!!! Just to let you know, I’m planning on trying some cheese making this year – and the inspiration came from you :)

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    Way to Go Gavin!!

    Congratulations on 800 posts, that’s massive and what better way to spend it than mucking out chook poo 😉 You should of had a couple of beers instead of tea.

    I’m looking forward to the next 800 posts.

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