Veggie, Every Other Day


Summer Vegetables 2011One of our goals this year is to eat more vegetarian meals each week.  So far we are doing well.At about week two, we dropped the plan for eating veggie from Friday to Monday and just adopted a very simple, every other day approach.  It was really Kim's idea so I will give her full credit.  The main reason was that we all enjoy a Sunday roast and at least this   [Continue Reading …]

Earth Hour Awards – Nomination

Today I was convinced by my fellow blogger and friend, JulieG of Go Greener Australia, to apply for the Future Makers Award for this years inaugural WWF Earth Hour Awards.  Nominations close tonight at midnight.This is what she had to say;Hi GavinEarth Hour is just around the corner and this year WWF have some really exciting initiatives in place. The first one is the introduction of the   [Continue Reading …]

Comfortable Home On The Cheap


People who visit our home during hot and cold weather often comment on the comfortable temperature inside it.  Well it is not because we run the air conditioner or heater 24x7, far from it.  It is more like a few small actions that we took and continue to practice each day.Firstly, we took the time to check our roof insulation levels.  It is paper pulp type insulation and there is   [Continue Reading …]

Costa is Cool

Yes folks that is right, Costa Georgiadis is one cool guy and knows a thing about why we should all record our sustainable journey.  He confirmed what I already knew, and that is that by recording our journeys, it inspires other to act.  Watch the video I took below.I was so inspired with his words that I asked him to be a friend on facebook. I wrote that I wrote this blog and would   [Continue Reading …]

Stupid Politicians


In The Age newspaper today;"Polar bears, stay calm. Fairy penguins inhabiting ice floes, chill out. Seals, go back to being all furry and cute in National Geographic. Y'all can relax.Climate change is not real and the seas are not rising.This surprising fact was revealed yesterday by a Nationals senator, Ron Boswell, during a Senate estimates hearing with the Department of Climate   [Continue Reading …]

David Suzuki is a Wise Elder


Over the course of the weekend, I had the pleasure of listening to David Suzuki speak on a couple of occations at the Sustainable Living Festival.Firstly on Saturday when he was interviewed by the 3CR crew, where I listened to him speak about the environment and the issues we face, and secondly when he gave an introduction for Clive Hamilton who spoke about why we are not acting quickly   [Continue Reading …]

Solar Victory!


Remember back when I wrote the post titled "Climate Irony" a few weeks back?  Well, to refresh your memory I was ranting about the Governments lack of vision by cutting funding to climate change mitigation projects to pay for the climate induced floods and cyclones that we have been having here in Australia.  Sheer madness was my conclusion.Well guess what?  With a little bit of   [Continue Reading …]

Sustainable Living Festival

A big weekend ahead here in Melbourne.  Federation Square is hosting the Sustainable Living Festival, which included a green market place, workshops, food, events and lots of talks.  You can even get a carbon neutral beer from Mountain Goat Beer!  Nice.Here are my reviews for the festival in 2008, 2009, and 2010.  This will be my fourth year, which I am so looking forward   [Continue Reading …]

And The Winner…


A big thanks to everyone who entered the contest.  I appreciate the feedback, which helps me to focus a little more.  Cheese, soap, gardening and solar all seem to be a hit, so thanks for kinda confirming what I already knew where the cool posts.  However, I do not believe that I will change the format very much, as I think it is quite well balanced.  After all, there is   [Continue Reading …]

3rd Birthday and a Prize!


Yes, readers.  Today is The Greening of Gavin blog's third birthday.  This blog was 'born' on the 13th of February 2008, which seems like such a long time ago.  I remember being very excited about setting up the blog about a week before, doing the layout and adding in the widgets and site counter.  I posted my article called "Why I choose to lead a sustainable lifestyle    [Continue Reading …]

Our Future…


George Taylor: Oh my God. I'm back. I'm home. All the time, it was... We finally really did it. [screaming] George Taylor: You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell! I have learned a lot from being a science fiction fan.  A lot in fact about imagining a possible future for humanity, and where we may be heading.  From reaching far into space like in Star Trek, to   [Continue Reading …]

Grass Roots Vs Professional

It is funny how things evolve.  I started out this journey as a conspicuous consumer just like most westerners, and ended up as a grassroots environmental advocate and sustainable living activist.  I love grassroots work, but what is next for this little black duck?  Things are afoot!Well, last year I completed a course in Carbon Accounting, which I passed, and the lecturer asked if   [Continue Reading …]

Be Prepared Challenge – Spread The Word


Welcome to the last week and task of the 'Be Prepared Challenge', and probably more difficult than all the rest of the tasks put together.  But before I start, I would like to thank Bec of Eat at Dixiebelle fame for thinking up the concept and being the brains behind the entire event.  May I just add that it has been my absolute pleasure to participate along side of her.  Check out   [Continue Reading …]

Raw Milk Madness


I noticed today that there was an article in some Australian newspapers kicking up a fuss about raw milk, or for the uninitiated, milk that has not been pasteurised.  Have a read of the article titled "'Mooshine' milk udderly bad for you".   It tells a tale of some poor bloke in Bondi fined A$53,000 for selling raw milk to the public for drinking purposes, who actually knew exactly   [Continue Reading …]