Out of Sorts

I was hoping to tell you all about the wonderful green things I have done over the last few days, but alas I cannot.  You see, I have been in bed recovering from an inflamed colon for the last three days and am on a course of strong antibiotics to aid recovery.  All part of having diverticulitis, I suppose and it just my bodies way of telling me to lay off of certain foods.  I don’t have a clue what triggered it, but all I can tell you is that it is painful as hell, and I am sick of laying in bed and sleeping most of the day and night. 

Anyway, enough of me complaining and woe is me.  Hopefully, in a few days it will be back to regular blogging and all things green.  Oh, I did manage to get all of my apricots and peaches off of the trees before they became too rain damaged, as well as three nice round red cabbages.  All three were beginning to split from the excess water, so Kim and I picked them all.  Hoping to preserve the fruit when I get better.

Hope your day went better than mine.

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    Sorry to hear you (and Ginger!) are crook. Have been doing much research on diverticulitis since I had my first attack and am sad to say that cheese was the biggest culprit with both my mum and grandmother :-( Seems odd compared with more obvious foods such as nuts and seeds but my dr confirmed it’s a common trigger – worth ruling out if it an issue for you. Have my fingers crossed it isn’t!!!

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    Have to agree with Julie about cheese being a terrible trigger for bowel problems. I have suffered with similar problems to you for 25 years and dairy is the number one trigger, in fact dairy is just bad for you period. Causes osteoporosis, asthma, excma, GORD, is linked to breast cancer, colon cancer and many other diseases.
    Hope you’re feeling better soon, I know how debilitating your condition is.

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    I can feel all of the healing energy coming my way, which by the way is working ;+)

    As for cheese being a trigger, it may be in others, but not for me thank goodness. I didn’t eat any prior to the inflammation, and have had some since with no bad repercussions. Thank goodness for that, or otherwise I would have to throw the towel in with my cheese making hobby!

    Oh and BTW. I grew up on a dairy farm and don’t have one foot in the grave just yet.

    Gav x

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