Goodbye Ginger

A sad day at the house of GOG.  One of the hens from my original flock passed away today.  Ginger will be sorely missed, as she was a great layer.  She is the curious one in the photo.  We named her after a character in the movie “Chicken Run” because her feathers looked like a little scarf around her neck, just like in the movie.  Cute.

This morning when I got up to feed them all, she was very sprightly, and eating well.  However when I popped out of bed to check them at lunch time due to the continuing rain, I found her in the main cage laying slumped in the main cage looking very worse for wear.  I picked her up, took her under cover and towel dried her as she was a little damp.  Then I wrapped her in a clean towel to keep her warm, and put her in a box in the laundry in the slight hope that she would recover.  Unfortunately, at 1539 she died in my arms.  Both Kim and I were very sad.  We felt so helpless.

I hate loosing pets, even the feathered kind. I know that far worse things are happening in the world than the passing of a humble chook, but the fact is, she was my chook, gave me eggs and kept me amused with her antics for 4 years.

I buried her behind the compost bins, and being a practical guy I will honour her by planting a crop of potatoes over her next season.

See you later Ginger, you will be missed. (tear)  Here is some video to remember you by digging around in the front orchard. 


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    Gavin, We lost a Rhode Island Red, one of four rescue hens, the very next day…something in the air? Her demise was mysterious, no prior signs of illness, no enlarged crop, etc., but we found her curled up by the waterer yesterday morning. Sadly, we can share the sentiment with you of loss. Although we hadn’t had this girl long, we were happy to have given her a great home while she was with us. Condolences, Lisa

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    Thanks everyone for your kind words. The other chooks miss her as well. Kim told me that they were very distressed for most of the day.

    Gav x

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    Sorry to hear that Gavin.

    I lost Esmerelda, my very first chook this week. Her comb went blue and within 24 hours she was gone. My flock looks a bit wrong without her there.:-(

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