Climate Change Risk Management 101

Greg Craven is a science teacher in the US, who back in June 2007 put out a rational argument about climate change on YouTube.  After over 7 million hits, he has written a book called “What is the worst that can happen”.  It only had a limited run, but I believe it was well received and sold out.

Being an IT Risk Manager, I understand how to perform risk assessments, whether they be on IT stuff or normal everyday decisions that need to be made, which is why I believe that action on lowing humans carbon footprint is so essential.  In his video series, Greg has made a complex argument quite simple, and judging by this amount of hits on his YouTube series, he has made some impact.  But what gets me is this.  His initial video discussed the pro’s and con’s of action and inaction based upon whether anthropogenic climate change is actually occurring or not back in 2007, and we still have not done a hell of a lot about it.  I could rant on all night, however the results of his risk assessment is quite compelling, and I totally agree with his assumptions.

Now if you what to know what this guy is on about, well let me show you.  It is a bit nerdy, but please stick it out for the entire 10 minutes as I believe you will find this quite interesting.


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    I remember seeing Greg’s original video and thinking : how can it not be obvious to everyone?

    The whole “we’re not doing anything about it until someone else does” attitude of governments sickens me.

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    Our capacity for inaction in the face of facts about climate change continually stuns me. How do we get people to move from the position that “they” will solve it to one of individual action and responsibility?

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