Be Prepared Challenge

Today I awoke to find that my own state Victoria is in flood crisis.   So in light of current environmental events throughout Australia and the world at large, Bec from eat at dixiebelles, and I thought it would be very timely to set a challenge for ourselves and our readers.  We are going to run this challenge over 4 weeks using O.A.R.S as our guiding principle.  The acronym was chosen carefully, because when you think about it, you really need oars to propel your lifeboat along, and if at sea, you would have a lifeboat wouldn’t you?  Think of it as a way to determine the skills and actions required to be prepared for an environmental disaster or man-made one for that matter.  Certainly no offence is meant if you are already suffering from a crisis.

So each week, we will post mini tasks on our own blogs, based on the word of the week and if anyone would like to join in along the way, please feel free to do so.  If you are a blogger then feel free to use the logo, and post about the task and how you went about it.  If you don’t have a blog, just leave a comment on what you did and how you did it, and be proud about it!

These tasks will not be difficult, in fact I would say that we really want to make it easy for people to succeed, because ultimately it will help not only you but others around you when we get to the last week.

Tomorrow I will start the week off with our first Organise task, which will require a bit of planning and action on your behalf if you choose to accept the mission challenge.  Think of it as a big game of show and tell.  Like I said above, simple tasks yet firm steps towards being prepared.

I hope you will join Bec and I as we start the ‘Be Prepared Challenge’.



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    I think this is a good idea. I actually have a blog that started with the same goal! I have since diversed a little, for no other reason than, just because! I would be happy if anyone took a look and also would be happy to join you guys as best I can. I do already have a stockpile or food store as I would like to put it and I do use and rotate it as well, so I hope I can be of help as well.

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    I am overwhelmed by the response. It is great to see so many people wanting to give the challenge a go. I hope you are ready for task 1.

    Gav x

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    I’m in :-) My dad lost his house in the Vic floods on Friday which hits home plus we always like to be prepared as we live in a bushfire prone area!!

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    So instead of been up the creek without a paddle, we’ll have our oars instead. A very good thing indeed.

    I accept the mission, I mean challenge. Me, organised, it’s gonna kill me,


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