As Happy As Silicon Basking in Photons

Today I received our electricity bill for the quarter.  I was pleasantly shocked to read that we were in CREDIT by A$27.  And that was with an extremely cloudy three months.

Grid use = 1153 kWh.  Average 12.1 kWh per day (not bad seeing the pool is about 5 kWh of the total)
Solar generation = 616 kwh. Average 6.2 kWh

Total cost of grid power incl service to property, metering charges and Green 100% Wind premium;
= 344.96 debit
Total credit from Net Feed-in Tariff (66c per kWh)
= 406.56 credit
Minus GST (tax) of $34.51 gives a grand total of;
= $27.09 credit

How is that for the hard benefits of Solar PV?  I am hoping that this quarter will be even better.  Not a cent to pay, and some to carry over into the next bill.  Also by using Green 100% Wind from the grid, I avoided 1.579 tonnes of CO2e.  One happy greening of gavin!

Finally some solar justice.


  1. says

    Awesome! We’ve only just received our first bill since we had the panels put in (a month overdue since the power company had internal issues), and we were horrified at first glance to see that our bill had only dropped very slightly… then we worked out that we haven’t yet been credited for the kWh we generated, so by our calcs we should be in credit as well once we get paid, yay!

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