Soap Nuts

I read about soap nuts way back in 2007.  They are used in India and other parts of the world as an alternative to soap.  Check out this groovy snippet from season 3 of “It’s Not Easy Being Green” which Kim and I often have a good laugh to.

Even though we make all of our own soap now using vegetable oil, it would be cool to get my hands on some of these if they were grown locally.  Does anyone know where I can get some in the Melbourne area or even via mail order in Australia?


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    They are available from Ripe Organic in QV market and Prahran market. I have not tried them preferring to use locally made detergent (earth friendly) which you can refill by bringing in your own container.

    Like your blog, BTW.

    Cheers – Zainil :)

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    Too funny! Generally, I hate commmercials, but that one … *grin*.

    I’ve seen soap nuts before, and they even carry them in my local health foods store, but soap nuts don’t grow in Maine, and so I haven’t used them.

    Up here the best option for soap is a lye-based soap, because we have all of the ingredients. Unfortunately, the knowledge of how to make it is pretty much lost, and it’s a real hit-or-miss project. It’s one of those times when I’m kicking myself for not tapping into my granny’s storehouse of information. She grew up and lived deep in the mountains, and I know she knew how to do all of these things we’ll be needing to know in the (too) near future. Soap making using lye just being the tip of that proverbial iceberg.

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    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for all the great links about soap nuts. I have learnt a lot more about these wonderful gifts from nature, and can make an informed decision now.


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    I saw these on Facebook yesterday!
    I just received all the needed ingredient to make cold press soap and came by your site to see what you had to say about the subject. Your instructions are much simpler then others I’ve come across. I let you know if I’m successful!

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    Hi Gavin
    I buy from this supplier:

    My blog has a few hints on the subject here:

    In addition I grow soapwort. Once I have enough of the plants growing I will be utilising just that, and you can grow that anywhere in Aussie- you cannot get the soapnut plants into aussie to grow your own.
    See here for soapwort plant uses:

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