Soap Nuts

I read about soap nuts way back in 2007.  They are used in India and other parts of the world as an alternative to soap.  Check out this groovy snippet from season 3 of "It's Not Easy Being Green" which Kim and I often have a good laugh to. Even though we make all of our own soap now using vegetable oil, it would be cool to get my hands on some of these if they were grown locally.    [Continue Reading …]

2010 In Retrospect


This year has been a huge one for my family and I, with more greening activities than ever before. All our goals for this year were achieved in the first half, which was quite an achievement as were all the other additional skills and events we learnt and attended. So to refresh my memory and yours, here are the goals we set out to achieve;Pay down outstanding debt,Start a 160 kilometre   [Continue Reading …]

Home Made Spaghetti


I am a difficult person to buy a Christmas gift, that I will admit.  As you all know I am not into consumerism, and only buy practical, long lasting items that will help us on our sustainable journey.  It must be either organic, fair trade, ethical, second hand or renewable or just damn useful.  So it makes it really hard for others to buy for me.Well I am happy to say that Kim's   [Continue Reading …]

A Green Festive Wish


A very green Christmas to one and all.Thanks for reading The Greening of Gavin during 2010.  We are taking a break for the next few days to spend time with family and friends, so I will be back just before the New Year with my end of year wrap-up and 2011 goals.Happy Holidays from Gavin, Kim and Family x.   [Continue Reading …]

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for the Anti-Consumer


For those who celebrate Christmas, here are some last minute gift ideas from an article I wrote for the Caroline Springs Community update, that have a fair-trade and anti-consumer bent.The Festive Season is all about giving, but in this day and age, things seem way too out of control for me, without any end in sight. I know I am stating the bleeding obvious, but when they start bringing out the   [Continue Reading …]

Adapting To Change

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change."- Charles Darwin Some will adapt, many will not, because to adapt, you must see the change coming!I overheard this on the train this morning.   "A white Christmas in Australia.  That's funny! (laughter heard)".  My thoughts at the time were "That is bloody   [Continue Reading …]

Native Echidna Caught on Camera

The WWF in conjunction with Greening Australia has set up motion sensors on cameras in Northam, WA, about 100km west of Perth.  Have a look at the video below to see what they have found.From the WWF site;"WWF staff have been using motion-triggered cameras (better known as camera traps) to capture images of a range of wildlife, including seldom-seen animals. The Healthy Bushland team has   [Continue Reading …]

Cherry Jam


What do you do when your friend Jan gives you a 20 litre bucket full of cherries of various grades for free?Well you spend an hour sorting through them, keeping the split ones for jam, and the good ones for eating.  Unfortunately, all of the rotten ones, which was about a quarter of the bucket, went in the compost bin.  Such a shame.So on to the jam making.  Here is about 1.5kg of   [Continue Reading …]

A Scaly Tale


Here is my first attempt at a children's story for adults, with a sustainable living bent!  Hope you like it.Once upon a time there was a little chicken called Poppy.  Poppy is a Pekin Bantam chicken, and she was very cute.  She and her 7 other chicken friends lived with a kind man and his family, who loved them all very much, and liked all of the fresh eggs that the chickens laid   [Continue Reading …]

TGoG Podcast 010 – Sustainability with Amy

The Greening of Gavin Podcast

This weeks episode is an interview with Amy, my 21 year old daughter who paid us a visit today.  She was the lass that I was showing around the front yard in the TV article yesterday, and it was her hands you saw opening the cheese fridge.   If you enjoyed the podcast, please pop over to iTunes and rate it and leave a review. You can also do the same within Stitcher Radio if   [Continue Reading …]

10 Ways to Start Living the Frugal Life

Welcome to the Greening of Gavin! As I mentioned in the post titled "Frugal vs Green", the two choices are somewhat compatable. So to take the frugal theme further, I beleive that these 10 steps have helped us reach both of these goals. They will not only help you reduce your environmental footprint, but save you money as well.1. Create and Maintain a Household BudgetCreating a budget may not   [Continue Reading …]

The Last Laugh


Today, during lunch I observed some unusual behaviour.  I went for my normal lunchtime walk, this time visiting a pond near the JFK Memorial within Treasury Gardens in Melbourne.  It is very nice as you can see below.  Note the bench seats that feature further down in the post.Even though the park is not a naturally occurring environment, there are still plenty of wild birds that   [Continue Reading …]

Green Lawnmower Man

As I have no lawn on my property, I decided to give my petrol lawn mower that rarely got used, to my daughter Amy as a gift.  She was after one for her new place in Ballarat, so I thought it best not to increase the fossil fuel burning mower population of the world by one more.Now, I still have a nature strip that must be mowed as per local laws, and I wanted to be a green as I possibly   [Continue Reading …]