Why Just Make One Cheese….

….. when you can make two at the same time!  Not wanting to brag, but when you are on a roll, go for it I reckon.

Feta on the left and Caerphilly on the right.  I have two 8 litre pots, so it all works out well.

I am glad that I went ahead and bought a second thermometer.  I needed a C/F dual scale one so that I didn’t have to convert all of the recipes out of the Home Cheese Making book by Ricki Carroll, which only features temperatures in Fahrenheit.  

With both cheese books on the go, I had to remember which recipe was for which batch on the stove!  I had to stop myself a few times just to make sure I didn’t stuff up.

In addition to the Feta and Caerphilly, today I am still in the process of making Wensleydale.  It would have to be the longest cheese making session out of all of my recipes.  I started at 1300 and still have about an hour to go at 1945.  However, time period aside, it is one of the best cheeses in my repertoire. 

As I am still working on the two tutorials that I filmed, there are no pictures of the actual finished product.  So this short post was just to whet your appetite, so to speak.  A three cheese weekend!

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  1. says

    Cheesy drools from across the ditch. Your new kitchen is working so very well for cheese and soap making along with the everyday eating thingammy-stuff.

    One of my 2 zukes will produce a female flower in the morning – the male flower buds need to hurry up. This is my second summer of vege growing and it is so different. Wellington is getting very warm during the day (21C) for this city in late November. A veritable heatwave!

    You are allowed to fall about with laughter. After 20 years of living here I realise my second summer of vege growing is succeeding becoz all the Aussie Bushtailed Possums have been eradicated from the green-belt that surrounds my garden.

    The Aussie bush-tailed possums are great in Aussie, and I know are a protected species in some parts – so would your wildlife services please come across the ditch and gather up the 70+ Million little darlings of yours that are pestering us here.

  2. says

    Yep – umpty million more bushy tailed aussie possums than we have sheep!!!

    I’ve just finished knitting a scarf for my dear Mum – the yarn is a mix of NZ merino wool and possum fur. Confess that we don’t shear the possums like the sheep – for Kiwis the best possum is a dead possum, then we recover the fur from their pelts. Brutal but true.

    Sending care and huggles to you all, Michelle and Zebby Cat across the ditch, xxx and purrrrrumbles

  3. says

    Can’t wait for more on the cheesemaking!

    And giggling ’bout the possum comments. As a former Wellingtonite, and Kapiti-ite before that, I know all about possums. My dad’s solution when catching them was a rather large rain barrel. Full of water.

  4. says

    @ Mickle

    I gather that you have a possum problem? 😉

    @ Diane,

    Tutorial for the Feta posted this morning. I am working on the Wensleydale tute now!

    @ Cat

    I am so glad we don’t have any possums in Melton, or at least not around my place. They would always be in my veggie patch.

    @ FGA

    You would be surprised. Both recipes that I was following had staggered times. Feta and Caerphilly were a good combination. It was dinner time that got in the way mainly!

    @ VGC

    Glad you liked it.

    @ LLJ

    See above. A dual scale is a godsend.


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