Vasili’s Garden feat. Gavin

Well, as predicted, last night was the big night.

We had a little BBQ with free range chicken snags provided by the neighbours, and a few home brew beers to wash it all down whilst we watched the show.

So with no further adieu, on with the show…… and hopefully not breaching copyright, as I am in the video?  I suppose that it is easier to beg forgiveness than to ask permission.  Here is part 1.  I will post part 2 tonight


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    Hey Gav,

    Unfortunately in Sydney today (Thursday) 1pm they didn’t play your episode on TVS. I watched the whole way through excited to see Gav on TV.

    Never mind I did enjoy the episode they had on about the Dooki primary school’s garden.

    Will watch your YouTube video of the show instead.

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    Nice work Dad, loved it! It was a solid piece but i have a few gripes.

    Firstly: Your attire. Shirt and jeans? If your going to promote the ‘save the planet/hippy’ vibe, break out your hemp robe and sandles. No need to hold back for a mainstream audience. A dreadlock wig would of been a nice touch.

    Secondly: I don’t know if it was intentional but i noticed that Ben was being a sneaky camera bug at the start. I miss his shenanigans. Where was Kim for all this anyway?

    Thirdly: In the 14 minutes and 55 seconds that lasted for, i saw you giving Vasili an informative tour of the garden. THE GARDEN I HELPED BUILD! Not one mention of your loving son who traded in precious World of Warcraft time and fought through hangovers to help you build all that with blood, sweat and beer tears. Don’t you love me anymore? Wait, i already know the answer.

    And lastly: I’m looking forward to the second part where i imagine all of the above will be rectified. Its nice to see you on television. Maybe, one day, you’ll be as famous as me!

    Lots of love, Adam

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    Excellent Gavin, eagerly waiting for part two.

    Thanks for sharing this as I was getting worried that I wouldn’t get to see it.

    Happy gardening,


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