Spinach Pesto

Another home grown recipe today, this time a meal that Popeye would love. 

Firstly, grow some English Spinach!

 Then pick the spinach.  Simple so far.

I mean lots of spinach.  Pick a handful of curly parsley as well.

Then find an energetic child to wash the leaves with the salad spinner.  Look at those muscles.  Ben was so fast it blurred the photo!

In your food processor, add all the spinach, parsley, a glop of olive oil, handful of unsalted cashews, four tablespoons of grated, home made Parmesan cheese, and a clove of garlic.  Whiz until it becomes a paste like consistency like the picture below.  Add more olive oil if necessary.  Salt and pepper to taste.  Noice!

Cook up your favourite pasta, in this case it was organic spaghetti, and toss through the pesto.  Serve topped with grated parmesan and freshly cracked pepper.

Simple, quick, and absolutely delicious!  Ben is not normally a spinach fan, but he scoffed down the lot.  A great way to get the boy to eat his greens.


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    Hi Gavin, I love spinach and have some growing this fall/winter. Really need to plant more though. I love making basil pesto and have made cilantro pesto a few times, but have never even thought of spinach pesto…sounds great and will git it a go!

    Your Rhubarb plants look fantastic. I hope to have some in the spring. Sincerely, Emily

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    You are a funny fellow, and it looks great! I have several spinach plants coming up all over the place, and whilst I wait for my basil to grow big enough… great idea!

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    MMMMmmmm! Me and my girls love spinach and then you throw in cashews and parm and it might just be a favorite winter meal (once I get those winter beds going with spinach (maybe next year) until then its off to the farm market to see if my favorite farmer has spinach still.

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