A Day With Vasili and the ABC

What a day!  Up at 0530, and logged on to work from home at 0600 until 1130.  I was surprised at 0830 by a phone call from Fiona Wyllie from ABC radio NSW Afternoons, who stumbled across my blog the day before and wanted to talk about my green ephiphany on air and what I had done to change my lifestyle.  I teed up an interview for around 1540 and got back to work.

Then the fun began.  Vasili Kanidiadis and his crew turned up and we began to film the TV show.  Here are a few shots that Kim took of us in the garden.

 Here we are peering through the broadbeans.  It is a great crop this year with so many large pods forming.  They taste delicious raw, but will be even better double shelled and cooked in some butter and garlic.

I think we are talking about sage, nasturtiums and camomile in this shot.

And finally here we are after a sumptuous lunch made by Kim and I of Rainbow Chard Quiche, Egg and Bacon Pie, Salad from the garden, and home made bread rolls.

We checked out the front orchard, talked about garlic, broad bean, onions, herbs, water tanks, the stuff in the green house, fruit trees, the Solar PV system, Chickens, drank some home brew beer, how to kill earwigs and slugs, and how the garden was in balance with itself, with no major insect attacks (touch wood) in any of the garden beds.  We even talked about the two families of wild birds that have taken up residence and eat any caterpillars on my veggies.

Then finally we talked about what to do with the excess produce i.e. preserving or giving to neighbours, and how we make cheese and soap as well.  Then it was off to do the Zorba, which is how Vasili closes off the show.  It was a great couple of hours.  Thanks Vasili and crew for travelling all this way to Melton to film my humble abode.

Back to work again at 1400 until the radio interview on ABC NSW with Fiona at 1540.  We talked about how my journey towards the green side started, and some of the things I had done to lower my environmental footprint.  We even talked about broody bantams and what we could do to get them to break the habit.

I think it was a good interview, and I have already had emails from a few people saying that they enjoyed it.  I don’t know how many people listened to my 15 minutes of radio fame, but it was a good experience.  Emma the producer said that she was going to put the interview up on their blog and send me the link.  I will post it here when I receive it.  Thanks Fiona and Emma.

Then I worked through to 1730 and called it a day. I tell you what.  When I started The Greening of Gavin, I did not expect all this attention, but of course if you put yourself out there and plug away at greening the community around you, someone is bound to notice!

Oh, and thanks to my boss for letting me work from home today.  I got heaps done, but am very tied now.

Vasili also mentioned that there was an episode he made a few weeks back that airs tonight on Ch31 about Weeds and their medicinal properties.  I better hurry up and go and watch it!


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  1. says

    Oh, but you so deserve the recognition, Gav! You are an inspiration and can help so many people by putting yourself out there!

    We’ve got a bumper crop of broad beans this year… are you going to preserve/ dry any of yours?

  2. says

    Thanks Dixiebelle,

    You made me blush. I find that the best way to store excess broad beans is to blanch and freeze them. That way you can take them straight out of the freezer and pop them into a winter stew or soup. Nice.


  3. says

    I have just found your blog – great stuff. Very inspiring indeed. It is perfect timing for me to read up on what you have done – as I have done phase 1 – all edible garden, and are planning phase 2 – greening up the house etc. – solar, water recycling and the list goes on.

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