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 Picture: Michael Copp

As Sustainable House Day is only 11 days away, I have been ramping up the local media campaign to inform locals on what to expect.  Here is an article from the Melton Express Telegraph.

This is a Fairfax media paper, and the reporter is a kind lady called Meg Sobey, who is very keen on reporting environmental and sustainable issues in our region and calls me often for my opinion on green stuff. 

Now not wanting to slag off the other local paper, which is a NewsCorp owned rag, our media release that we sent didn’t even make it out of the reporters email box, and it took a call from Kim to the paper, whereby the reply was ‘we will do our best?’  Anyway, we can only hope that a story gets run next week.  Please Melton Leader, contact us, as a community service.  I am not asking for much!  The group is non-profit after all.

Also I will be interviewed on our local radio station 97.9FM on Sunday 5th September if anyone is keep to listen in.  I just hope I don’t make a clown of myself and come across okay.  You can listen to the live feed which works in iTunes.  I rock up to the studio at 1045, so will probably be on air at 11am.

And the biggest news for last.  I received an email and subsequent phone call from a producer at 60 minutes from the Nine Network about a story on frugal and sustainable living pitching it towards voluntary austerity.  Very promising but not in concrete, so I will keep you up to date on how it pans out.  I am very excited. 

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  1. says

    awesome on all fronts. we opened our house up on SLD last year- had about 50 through- was fun. just a bit weird seeing all these peeps peering in the windows etc..hope it all goes to plan!

  2. says

    Just admiring the picture of yourself on the roof with your solar panels. I’m in the process of having panels put on my roof,when on the day before they were to be installed was informed that because I was having them put on a flat roof I needed council approval which is now costing me $140 extra and who knows how many weeks it will be now before they are installed. The only good thing to come of it is we really havent had a lot of sun here in Adelaide lately. Green with envy..

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