Fathers Day and an Interview

What a great Fathers day!

Up at 0730 to go to the gym, then a full english breakfast sans black pudding cooked by Kim.  Then it was present time.  Megan sewed me a gardening belt.  Kinda like a tool belt but with pockets for seeds and things to hang trowels off of.  I will have to model it for you tomorrow.  Ben bought me a book about organic gardening, and Amy bought me two pairs of flannelette PJ bottoms, and a book about the up coming food crisis (I can feel a book review coming on).

Then it was off to the local radio station for the promo for Sustainable House day.  Here are a few shots of the interview, and hopefully I should have the audio tomorrow or Tuesday.  Bob gave Megan (taking the photos) and I a tour of the station, which was quite impressive for a community radio station.  Have a look www.979FM.net for further details about the station.

I would like to thank Bob Turner (DJ in yellow shirt) for the air time to promote the event.  He even offered me a slot during the week to do my own radio show about Sustainable Living!  I am going to have a think about it long and hard, as it is a big commitment with all the other things I am up to, and especially with a full time job as well.  Time will tell.

Kim and I then spent the reset of the day planting out the wicking bed, potting flowers, herbs, and a few olive trees to spruce up the bare side of the the garden.  I put two bales of sugar cane mulch into the chicken run due to the heavy rainfall over the last few days. The chooks had been digging up the litter and making it smell!  All fixed up now though.

We then cleaned up my incredibly messy pot storage area and sorted out the last of the kitchen renovation left overs.  I have enough red gum to make a 1 x 1 metre square bed, but will do that after next weekend.  The house looks very respectible.  I liken Sustainable House Day to a spring clean, but on the outside.  We have done so many jobs that we have been meaning to do over the winter, but due to miserable weather thought better of it.  With a big goal like SHD, you really have to pull out your finger to get things done.

With only a week to go until the big day, I just hope it is worth it, and heaps of people turn up.  If not, it is not all for nought.  We have a very tidy yard, ready for the busyness of spring and long summer days!


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    That sounds like a great Fathers Day. I’m not sure you could really top that.
    I’m really looking forward to sustainable house day up here, and hope you get lots of inspired people through yours. It will be worth it.

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    What a lovely FD you had. The Sustainable House Day will go awesomely, I’m sure of it!

    Now, can you send some Aussie sunshine our way? We’re swimming in extra rain about now :-( We’ll swap – you give us some sun and we’ll give you extra water. Deal?

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    Spoilt rotten, great presents, loving family, and recognition for your fantastic eco-work… a great Fathers Day all round I’d think!

    Don’t burn out… maybe ask to do a few ‘guest’ spots first and see how it fits into your week?

    And yes, deadlines do seem to motivate, don’t they!!

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