Good Gardening, Organic Visionary?


Well, to my surprise, today I find myself on the cover of a new Australian national gardening magazine. See, there I am right down the bottom left hand corner.  Check out page 84 if you purchase it.Due to copyright, I cannot reproduce the article here on the blog, but I believe that the article is well written and factual and both Kim and I took all the photos.  If you want to read   [Continue Reading …]

Do Not Drop It

I was doing a bit of surfing and came across this site called "Planet Pals", which has something to do with Earth Day.  Anyway, I stumbled across the 'kids count for Earth Day' page where a whole bunch of kids from all over the world wrote haiku about Earth day.   A great competition and one that got their creative juices flowing.There were lots of great entries, but one poem just   [Continue Reading …]

You Can’t Beet A Root


On Saturday afternoon, I harvested the majority of our winter beetroot crop.  I planted two varieties this year of beta vulgaris,  Detroit Globe and Chioggia.  Now Detroit globe looks like your standard dark purple beetroot, however the Chioggia is unusual and has red and white rings throughout the beet.  This is what it looks like;Beetroot Chioggia - Diggers ClubLook kind   [Continue Reading …]

To Seize The Day


There is a new blog in town about refashioning clothes or unwanted fabric bought at charity or op shops, and I am happy to say that it is being written by none other than my daughter Megan.Here is her bio."Hello and welcome! I’m Megan and a confessed refashionista, vowing to recycle, remake and remodel pre-owned, pre-loved clothes into fashionable, new-age clothes that are saving the earth   [Continue Reading …]

The Boy Can Cook!


Yesterday was a day that I shall remember for a long time.  Ben (10) cooked his first meal.  No, I am not talking about a microwave prepackaged meal, which we don't eat anyway, but the evening meal for the entire family.  I was very proud of the boy when I arrived home and found out that he had assisted Kim with the cooking of Beef Chow mein, which included the harvesting of the   [Continue Reading …]

For Facebook Fans – Unfriend Coal

This video from GreenPeace has been doing the rounds, so I thought I would share it here with you all.  Cute, to the point, and something that people young and old should take the time to think about.  Where do the massive server farms that keeps Facebook running get their electricity from?  Coal of course.  Unfriend coal!by Gavin, who is also on Facebook, but uses 100%   [Continue Reading …]

How To Tell If You Are A Hard Core Greenie


Many of my posts lately have been analysing the differences I see around me and how different it is to the way I now perceive our society.  However, one of the things I haven't done of late is to analyse myself.  Now, those who have met me would say that I am fairly hard core green, if you know what I mean.  This blog is a testament to the green changes I have managed to achieve in   [Continue Reading …]

Current Affairs Chaos


 It has been 46 days without a TV and I feel great.  I have had no withdrawal symptoms, however Kim is still happy with her little telly set-up in her study, and if I really need a fix I suppose I could start the digital tuner in my computer and watch the stuff that brainwashing is all about.  That said, I just don't have the inclination and find that I am far too busy anyway.For   [Continue Reading …]

Complexity vs Simplicity


My main post for today is over at the Simple, Green, Frugal Co-op and is titled "My Dichotomy".  I wax lyrical about the opposing forces in my life and how I stay sane and sustainable in an otherwise unsustainable world.I hope you pop over for a read.  I believe that you will find it an puzzling paradigm that I live in.Gav   [Continue Reading …]

Sustainable House Day 2010 – Wrap Up


If there was a movie titled "Gav & Kim's Most Excellent Adventure", we would have starred in it yesterday.What a great feeling it is to open up our sustainable home to the public and receive so many visitors.  How many, I hear you ask?96 humans, 2 dogs, and 9 volunteers.That makes 107 visitors in total!  I got to meet quite a few readers of my blog, who I thoroughly enjoyed talking   [Continue Reading …]

TGoG Podcast 008 – Radio Interview Sustainable House Day 2010

The Greening of Gavin Podcast

It has been a long time since my last podcast, so hopefully, today I will make up for it.  As I mentioned the other day, I was interviewed on Sunday to promote Sustainable House Day 2010.  I received the audio of the interview today, so put together this rather funky podcast with music and everything!   If you enjoyed the podcast, please pop over to iTunes and rate it and   [Continue Reading …]

Beer Tasting


I wrote a while back that I had been making beer and cider and even posted some YouTube video's of a Home Brewing workshop I held for the Melton Sustainable Living Group.That was back in June.  Time flys when you are living a full life.  Yesterday, after the hard days work, I cracked open the cider I made during the workshop.It reminded me of the cider that I was served in the King   [Continue Reading …]

Fathers Day and an Interview


What a great Fathers day!Up at 0730 to go to the gym, then a full english breakfast sans black pudding cooked by Kim.  Then it was present time.  Megan sewed me a gardening belt.  Kinda like a tool belt but with pockets for seeds and things to hang trowels off of.  I will have to model it for you tomorrow.  Ben bought me a book about organic gardening, and Amy bought me   [Continue Reading …]

Wicking Garden Beds 2

Just finished off the next part of the wicking garden bed.  See how I finished it off in the slide show below.I had to buy 1 metre of ag-pipe (has lots of holes in it), 10 bags of washed sand, and 5 bags of organic soil.  All the rest was reused.  I had a spare 1 metre of ag-pipe, PVC pipe, gaffa tape, plastic tarpaulin lining, staple gun and staples, and the contents of two compost   [Continue Reading …]

In The Local Press


 Picture: Michael CoppAs Sustainable House Day is only 11 days away, I have been ramping up the local media campaign to inform locals on what to expect.  Here is an article from the Melton Express Telegraph. is a Fairfax media paper, and the reporter is a kind lady called Meg   [Continue Reading …]