Soap Making

It has been a while since we made soap, so today we pumped out 5kgs of the stuff in preparation for Sustainable House day.  When I explained how to make in the post, “Lather Up Folks!“, a few readers asked for a video.  Well, if you don’t ask, you don’t get, and you did ask, so here it is in video format starring yours truly with a duration of about 16 minutes all up.  I don’t profess to be the best actor in the world, but hey, you get monkeys when you pay peanuts!

I hope you enjoy our little soap making workshop. You can also watch it in High definition!

Part One;

Part Two;

Spielberg, eat your heart out!

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  1. says

    Great vids Gavin, where did you get the large container of caustic soda? I’ve found 500g size of that brand in the supermarket.

  2. says

    Hi Gav – Good presentation, and love that Aussie accent – I don’t get to hear it much these days!

    One question – why rice bran oil? It just seems like an oddity in the oils department. I’m guessing coconut oil makes it smell nice, but I’ve never heard of rice bran oil before (I just do olive oil soap at home).

    Never short of a gift! You bet! :-)

  3. Libby says

    Really enjoyed this soap opera. I have collected everything to make soap but have been too daunted to try. Your video makes it so do-able. Thanks Gavin. Can I use melted copha for the coconut oil?

  4. says

    @ Lisa

    I bought it at Bunnings in the paint section after being sent on a wild goose chase by the staff! It was $15 for 2kg, so I bought two.

    @ daharja

    The coconut oil has no smell, it has been deoderized, so to make a coconut smelling soap you have to add the fragrance oil. Rice Bran oil is quite cheap here and is a waste product of the rice growing industry. It adds conditioning to the soap and is good for dry skin.

    @ Theresa

    Glad to be of inspiration. It is as simple as I made it. Follow the instructions and a recipe and away you go.

    @ Sahran

    Thanks mate.

    @ Libby

    Love the soap opera joke! I should have sung a bit of Nessun Dorma. And yes you can use copha because it is solidified coconut oil. The only reason I don’t use it is because it is expensive and I can buy coconut oil cheaper in bulk. I pay AUD$35 for 5 litres.


  5. Anonymous says

    Hello Gavin,

    I am wondering which is the best way to clean the measuring jug with the caustic soda in it? I read somewhere it can get messy if I add water to the caustic soda instead of the other way around. Thank you :)

    • says

      Hi. As there is usually only a minuscule amount of granules (if any) then a sink of hot soapy water is fine to wash your jug in. Just don’t add the water to the caustic during the soap making process

      Gavin x


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