Time For A Change?

Well, a new Prime Minister is upon us here in Australia.  A bit of a surprise really, and I know of one ex-Prime Minister who must have had a really crappy day!  The Hon. Julia Gillard MP was sworn in today at Government House by the Governor General Her Excellency Ms Quentin Bryce AC.  As we use the Westminster system of government, we don’t get to vote for the head of our parliament, we vote for our local member, and the party which forms government elects a Prime Minister.  
It just happens that Julia is our first female PM, and that she is the federal MP of my electorate of Lalor.  I actually met her this year at the ANZAC Day dawn service, when she was Deputy PM.  It is a small world.
Now, enough of the official stuff, and down to business.  I personally think that even though I hope she does a better job than Kevin Rudd has in the last year or so, she is still an elected politician first and foremost.  That means she works for the people of Australia, and has to do what is right for all the people of our nation.  So, I will not be soft on this PM, in much the same way as I badgered the last one.  In my book, if you make a promise, you must keep it, no matter how hard it is to achieve it, or who or what gets in your way.  Election promises are made to the voter who vote for you in good faith that this promise will be kept.  That is what makes good policy, and governments rise and fall on them.  Yes, I know, many thousands of election promises get broken all the time, however there is one that in my humble opinion, is just too great a promise to break.
That promise is action on Climate Change.  It is a huge issue that faces us all, not only here in Australia, but throughout the entire world.  The climate change issue has already brought down the likes of John Howard, Brendan Nelson, Malcolm Turnbul, and now Kevin Rudd.  How many more politicians does it take to fall for someone to really take this issue seriously?
Those long time readers will know that I try everything in my power to walk the talk in my own personal life to lower my environmental footprint, with community education as one of my top priorities.  For example, have a look at my most recent attempt in the local newspaper on selling the green lifestyle!  The media attention of late has been overwhelming, to say the least.
Aim Higher on Climate Change
So to re-enforce the climate change message to our new PM, I have joined up with GetUp! to help promote their latest campaign to let Julia know about what the Australian people think she should take action on first.  You can access their site at this link to send Julia an email, letting you know that you would like her to finally take decisive action on one of the ‘greatest moral dilemmas of our time’.  
Please join me in having your say, on this, an historic occasion of the appointment of our first female Prime Minister.

Here is my letter that I just sent off.

Subject:  Action on Climate Change.

Dear Prime Minister Gillard,

As a member of your electorate of Lalor, I congratulate you on your appointment as Prime Minister of Australia today.

However, I would like to bring to your attention the promise of action on climate change that was made by the Labor party preceding the last election.  I, as many Australians are, was extremely disappointed when the previous PM dropped the CPRS, and replaced it with a big fat nothing.  It seemed to me that your party was all talk and spin, with little real commitment to put a price on carbon.

I believe that a price on carbon would fundamentally change the way the current economy works, giving people and corporations a huge incentive to green up their act, and start taking decisive action on reducing carbon emissions.  We have seen the effects of climate change in this country already, with the scientific community, including your own Chief Scientist, calling for action on this, the greatest single issue of our time.  Your fellow Australians are expecting this decisive action, and soon, or we will all be suffering the consequences of our inaction.

Yours faithfully,

Melton West, Victoria


I hope she or at least her staff take the time to read it.


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    I’m thankful the CPRS didn’t get through — Bob Brown rightly called it the Continue Polluting Regardless Scheme, and I did wonder how much of it was designed to provoke Liberal infighting rather than reduce CO2 emissions. But no ETS will get through the current Senate. I’m hopeful about the increasing Green vote — it would be great if a Green balance of power delivered a high-quality ETS.

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    Hi Gavin – Congratulations on the article in the paper – and love the photo :-)

    I can’t help thinking what a mess Australian politics is in right now.

    But Tony Abbott as potential PM? That’s churning my stomach from as far away as New Zealand!

    Leanne XXX

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    I’m sorry to disagree with you but an emissions trading scheme is wrong and just plain evil.
    Reducing emmissions and consumption is a must but the notion of issuing shares to speculate with is in no way going to help save our environment.
    I think if you check you will find Al Gore actually owns a company that will be issuing bits of paper for polluters that will turn over a tidy little profit for himself.
    If we are truly honest about wanting a cleaner world then corporations have to be targeted not the households. Stop it at the source is the only way that is fair. Of course the expense will need to be passed on thereby reducing consumption but that is fairer than creating mddlemen who hoard shares for profit at the expense of us all.

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    Good On Ya Gav,

    Keeping contact with elected officials is a really important job, if you happen to be in their electorate all the better.

    Julia isn’t going to get an easy ride from anywhere, nor should she. She has been handed a poisoned chalice and now has to work like hell to find an antidote that will get them through the next election. If we are going to get real action on climate change it’s going to be on the other side of that, hopefully with a less hostile senate.

    As Nevyn said choosing to push the ETS through the current hostile senate would simply have caused a double dissolution election not necessarily any action.

    Kind Regards

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    Hi Gavin,

    Great Article.

    I agree with everything you say but I think that people are forgetting that one of the reasons the scheme was dropped was because of the idiot opposition that seemed determined to block the whole thing in the Senate, no matter what. Julia Gillard could come up with the best scheme ever but as long as we have an Opposition that doesn’t support Climate Change nothing will make it through the Senate. Then, of course there is the politicans greatest fear, if it’s unpopular and it might get them voted out, it must be dumped.

    Yay democracy.

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    It’s an interesting development, but Julia’s from the same faction as Rudd was, isn’t she? The cynic in me just thinks they wanted a figurehead who could lead them to victory at the next election – Rudd’s opinion polls were really languishing.

    An interesting note: here in Jamberoo (NSW) we now have female leaders at all levels of government – mayor, premier, prime minister, and even the governor general! My local councillor and federal member are female as well.

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    Well said. I am interested to hear if she has the sense to abandon the ridiculous plans for internet censorship.

    I turned the news on for the first time in years and have to say, she can definately hold her own in a confrontation. Here’s hoping its not all word mincing and there is some real action to back it up.

    Great article too, love the pic.


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