The Greening of Gavin – Finalist in Sustainable Cities Awards

Not one to blow my own trumpet (much), I couldn’t hold back the excitement any longer!  My humble, yet informative green articles, and the subsequent actions that the blog has lead me to achieve (community group action, raising awareness, etc.), have impressed the Keep Australia Beautiful Victoria judges enough to be listed as a finalist.  

The blog was entered into the Pam Keating Environmental Innovation category as part of the Melton Shire’s submission for this year.  The Shire of Melton is also a finalist for Sustainable City of the Year.  See the link below to check out the other finalists. 

2010 Sustainable Cities Finalists

On the 30th of April, I gave a a PowerPoint presentation to the judge that showed the rich media content of the blog.  I believed that I articulated myself fairly well, but didn’t realise that I did that well!

When I started these ramblings of my journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle, little did I know that this repository of information would become a local resource that documents what can be in our shire, and indeed anywhere in the world.  It is more than I could have dreamed of. However, it is you, the readers that the judge was very impressed with.  You come from all over the globe looking for solutions, and that really pressed his buttons.  If you all keep reading, I will keep on writing!  Thank you one and all.

Anyway, the award night is on the 18th of June, and I have my golden ticket to the event.  I will let you know how it all goes, but really, I was just over the moon with the nomination, let alone being one of the finalists! 

A big green hug goes to Linda who nominated me and the blog in the first place. xox



  1. Anonymous says

    Gavin well done
    I am so proud of you I’m all puffed up. Keep up the good work
    Love Mum

  2. says

    Hey Gavin really well done you ! I hope they realise all the hard work you have done and how informative you are to us out her in blogger land. If you need any references – let us know – we’ll tell em how good you are !

    Best wishes to you and Kim

  3. says

    @ Anon

    I would probably love your work if I knew who you were?

    @ Dixiebelle.

    Thanks mate.

    @ Jonesy

    Now you are making me blush 😉

  4. says

    Well done mate and best of luck on the 18th of June. My thoughts are that it’s bloggs like yours and all the others doing the same as you that will eventually get the job done. These are the folk who are just getting on with it and sharing ideas for a better way. Keep it up mate, you’re worth your weight in gold.

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