Big day tomorrow.  The award night starts at 6.30pm for the Sustainable Cities awards.  I am very excited, and looking forward to the evening.  Pissing my pants, truth be known. 

Even more excitement as two things have happened since I first announced my nomination and subsequent listing as a finalist. 

Firstly, I have had a interview with our local Fairfax community newspaper about my green epiphany and the subsequent journey that you have all read about on this blog.  The photographer will pay me a visit on Saturday morning for a happy snap for the article that will be published next week.  I will post the link when it becomes available.

Secondly, out of the blue I get an email from a reporter at Channel 7, who is thinking about running my green transformation story on Sunrise (a popular morning show in Australia)!  She told me that the wife of her producer is an avid reader (thank you, whoever you are), and the producer asked the reporter to give me a call.  She didn’t even realise that I was up for the Environmental Innovation award tomorrow night, as said that it would be a great hook for the story.  Anyway, I am yet to hear back from her.  Fingers crossed.

Goodness knows what will happen next, but life just seems to be getting even more interesting.  Even though the post sounds a little self indulgent when I read over it, I think a little recognition sometimes is a good thing for morale and keeps me motivated.  Sorry if it sounds a little egocentric.

Oh, and our Sustainable living group has the home brew workshop on Saturday afternoon.  That should be great fun, but I am a bit concerned that the brew has not yet stopped fermenting.  I might just take the opportunity to by another home brew barrel, and make another batch for the workshop.  You can never have too many beer barrels I reckon!


  1. says

    It good to feel appreciated and it’s great to be acknowledged. It is sad that we have been brow beaten to think that it is wrong to be proud. It’s just wrong to be big headed and over the top about it. I hope all went well. Cheers, Wendy

  2. JulieG says

    Good luck with the awards!

    And omigod, Sunrise? That’s huge! I hope it happens, I think the Sunrise audience would be ripe for hearing about your style of greening.

  3. says

    Hi Gavin,

    Good luck with the awards night. i hope you have a wonderful time.

    You don’t sound egocentric, you sound very excited and so you should be.

  4. Turling says

    Good luck. And, don’t worry about sounding self indulgent, isn’t that part of why we all blog anyway?

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