TGoG Podcast 001 – Introducing The Greening of Gavin

The Greening of Gavin PodcastNow, some people have told me that I love the sound of my own voice and can talk the leg off a chair.  So to prove otherwise, I kept the first episode to a short five minutes, and it is an introduction to my sustainable living journey.  Editing proved to be a bit time consuming, and I didn’t realise how many ums and errs I actually said until I had to remove most of them with the editing software.

Well, I hope you all enjoy the first episode of The Greening of Gavin Podcast!

Listen to the Episode Below (00:05:02)
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Until next time, stay green and keep keen!


  1. says


    Just listened to it. Three things:

    One: You lied to me and didn’t use my god damn jingle! If you were MY son and you where in MY will, you’d have your ass kicked out.

    Two: Nice pacing, i like your voice. mainly because it sounds a lot like mine.

    Three: At the start you mentioned that you were going to be interviewing you family members. As your eldest son, i call shotgun on first interview. Not only will i bring some much needed humor to your show, I’ll give a realistic retelling of how you descended into this ‘Hippy madness’ complete with that time i came home and found you leading a drum circle.

    Keep it up!


  2. Anonymous says

    Hi Gav
    just heard your pod what a great idea It’s good to hear your voice Keep up the good work Love Eleanor

  3. says

    @ Joyful.

    Thanks very much. I am glad you enjoyed the first podcast and the blog.

    @ Jim.

    Well done on getting the Prius! You will notice the difference in fuel consumption straight away. It won’t make you any less of a man, and you are doing your bit to stop massive amounts of Co2 being belched from your cars exhaust pipe. Glad you subscribed to the podcast.

    @ Sis. Thanks darling. I will dual post the podcast on my blog and on iTunes for all to hear.

    @ Gary. Thanks mate. Thought everyone might get a laugh out of that story.

    @ Kate. Thanks for the referral. He has made a good start!


  4. gary says

    Just listened to this first podcast. It was enjoyable – I laughed out loud at Kim’s reaction to your epiphany. Looking forward to the next one.

    Regards, Gary

  5. says

    Ooooo…. this is soooo WAY COOL! You don’t feel so far away anymore! Gavy radio was such a good idea. I don’t have a podcast but shall be listening in here.

    Great stuff Gav and well done Jim on the Prius, she looks purty too!


  6. Anonymous says

    Great idea Gav for the podcast, I have subscibed, When I sold my V8 SS commodore and I picked up my Prius last week I first felt a whole lot less important as a person (might be a man thing)but every drive since has been a great feeling of power in a different kind of way, frugel excitment maybe or just peace within that I’m helping for a future for all, anyway keep up the good work and may the green force be with you. Brother Jim.

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