No Place Like Home

We have been living on Planet Earth as if we were making an overnight stop at a cheap motel.  We throw towels all over the place, pile up take-away food cartons and beer bottles, and don’t worry about the hairs in the sink or lipstick on the mirrors.

But our planet isn’t a temporary stop over, and there’s no cleaner to tidy up in the morning.  It’s true that Nature can clean up almost anything given enough time, but this takes many centuries if not longer.

We will grow old with the problems our parents started – problems that we have been make worse a thousand times over.  Wouldn’t it be nice to think when we have children or grandchildren that they won’t grow up wearing masks to school, that there will still be butterflies fluttering around the flowers in the garden, and abundant natural wilderness to discover? 

To make that happen, we need to realise that the Earth is our home, not a temporary stop in the night!


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    @ Megan,

    The analogy just came to me, and I thought is was so good that I had to write it down. We have a very pleasant Earth Hour, just Kim and I out on the deck with a bottle of read wine and Kim singing and playing songs on her guitar! So romantic.

    Glad you enjoyed the podcast. I should have one out next week. I am hoping to make it a Friday night event.


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    Very succinct point you are making and very true. It’s sad that something so simple is so difficult for many people. Hope you had a lovely Earth Hour day and I enjoyed your first podcast- looking forward to more to come. xo m.

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