Feeling a Little Better

Finally, I am feeling a bit better. The abdominal pain is not so bad, but is still there. At least I don’t feel as tired as I did a few days ago.

Today I had a CT Scan of the affected area, and visit my Gastroenterologist again tomorrow morning to see what treatment, if any, I need to have. Kim still thinks that I will end up in hospital on an IV for the entire Easter break! I hope not.

Also, I have spent the evening producing the next episode of the podcast. It will be published tomorrow night. I have even managed to get it listed in the iTunes Store, so for those inclined, you can search for me next time you open iTunes!

That’s all for tonight, worn out by the days events, and looking forward to finding out what can be done about this pain.


  1. says

    I pray you are able to get some relief soon. I hope you don’t spend Easter weekend in a hospital but even if you do, look on the bright side. They are there to make you well again :-)

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