Feeling a Little Better

Finally, I am feeling a bit better. The abdominal pain is not so bad, but is still there. At least I don't feel as tired as I did a few days ago. Today I had a CT Scan of the affected area, and visit my Gastroenterologist again tomorrow morning to see what treatment, if any, I need to have. Kim still thinks that I will end up in hospital on an IV for the entire Easter break! I hope not.Also,   [Continue Reading …]



Today I made Parmesan for the third time, even though I felt washed out, and went to check my blog for the recipe and noticed that it wasn't posted.  Parmesan is really called Parmigiano Reggiano, named after the two regions in Italy where it is made.  It is one of the worlds most famous grating cheeses.  Normal sized wheels of Parmigiano Reggiano weigh about 46 kg each, but this   [Continue Reading …]

TGoG Podcast 001 – Introducing The Greening of Gavin

Now, some people have told me that I love the sound of my own voice and can talk the leg off a chair.  So to prove otherwise, I kept the first episode to a short five minutes, and it is an introduction to my sustainable living journey.  Editing proved to be a bit time consuming, and I didn't realise how many ums and errs I actually said until I had to remove most of them with the editing   [Continue Reading …]

Greening of Gavin Podcast Project


  I thought I would spice things up around here and start a weekly podcast!  Are you all as excited as I am?  I am not quite sure what format it will take, but here is something I prepared earlier. Powered by Podbean.comIt is amazing what you can do with a couple of Sing-Star microphones and a bit of free audio software.So to get the creative juices flowing, I am after some   [Continue Reading …]

No Place Like Home


We have been living on Planet Earth as if we were making an overnight stop at a cheap motel.  We throw towels all over the place, pile up take-away food cartons and beer bottles, and don't worry about the hairs in the sink or lipstick on the mirrors.But our planet isn't a temporary stop over, and there's no cleaner to tidy up in the morning.  It's true that Nature can clean up almost   [Continue Reading …]

Under the Weather

I have not been well of late.  I have been under the weather for about a month now.I won't go into the gory details but it looks like I may have Diverticular Disease.  It is certainly not a nice condition to have, but suffice to say the symptoms, pain and the medication has kept me away from one of the things I love doing, and that is living and writing about sustainable living, and the   [Continue Reading …]

Beyond Earth Hour

Earth Hour is celebrating it's 4th birthday this year on Saturday 27th March 2010 at 8:30pm in your part of the world!In the past we have celebrated it at home, with candles and boardgames with family and friends.  Last year we had a front lawn party at the neighbours house which was a good excuse for a few home brew beers.Quite frankly, every hour is Earth Hour at our place.  That is   [Continue Reading …]

A Change of Climate


This post is in two sections.  The first discribes the stages of change in humans, and the second are my observations about the state of Climate Change denial in the Australian media.Change is a funny thing. Some people embrace it and find it exciting, while others resist it with their very last ounce of strength.  Why is that so?  Why would humans rather endure a status quo than   [Continue Reading …]

Dripping at the Co-op


My main post for today is over at the Simple Green Frugal Co-op, and is titled "Low Pressure Drip Irrigation".When I last checked the post had no comments, so I don't know how popular a subject it is.  I just wanted to compress my 3 part irrigation series into one complete post, that would enthral everyone to rush out and set up their own.  Maybe I was a little too optimistic!Anyway, I   [Continue Reading …]

Weekend Round-up


Another big weekend just past.  Lots of cleaning up in the garden, some herb planting, lots of composting, and some cheese making.First, I mowed the nature strip and fed the clippings to the chooks.  Then I cleaned up the main tomato bed, after I harvested the remaining fruit.  I even kept the green ones for a nice green tomato chutney.  Two wheelbarrow loads of vine later, I   [Continue Reading …]

How to Roast Pumpkin Seeds – A Delicious Snack


Never again will I put the seeds of this wonderful vegetable into the worm bin!We have discovered the true delight of roasted pumpkin seeds.  So simple, and Kim, Ben and I all agreed that they tasted somewhere between roasted peanuts and popcorn and oh so healthy a treat.It all started out when I cut open one of the Golden Nugget pumpkins I grew.  Kim made some home made sausage rolls   [Continue Reading …]

Soap Factory


The soap factory is in full production mode.  Kim and I have been very busy making lots of different types of soap for a big order we have from a friend.  We have been making two types, a basic castille (olive oil) soap with various fragrances for display, and a more bubbly and cream soap for friends and personal use.  I use the following oils; Olive, Rice bran, Sunflower, and   [Continue Reading …]

Thirteen Years…


...is how long I have been married to the most wonderful human being on Earth! March 8th, 1997 was the most memorable day in my life.  It seams like only yesterday that I said I do to you in Portsmouth, England.Kim Leanne, you are my love, my light and my soul mate.  May we both live long, and prosper together for many years to come. I Love You xox   [Continue Reading …]

Pumpkin Time


Pumpkin season is upon us here on TGOG's urban farm.  This is the third year I have attempted to grow pumpkins and this year has been the most successful.Year one, I planted butternuts in a large pot and a fair bit of vine and lots of flowers, but it kept on drying out, so therefore no pumpkins.Year two, butternuts again, and in a small garden bed.  For my hard work I received two   [Continue Reading …]

Food Waste

In this day and age of refrigeration, it never ceases to amaze me that we, as a society, still continue to waste food.  Certainly this issue is prevalent in some western societies more than others.Yesterday, I read that over 30% of all household garbage is food waste; peel, plate scraps, rotten food, tea bags, etc.  Now remember that this figure does not include food waste from   [Continue Reading …]