Lack of Get Up and Go

I have been a bit lack lustre for the past week, as I have been suffering from a dying lower right molar.  Been on antibiotics to reduce the inflammation, swelling and pain.  Oh what agony it has been.  Lack of sleep makes for a grumpy greenie, and so does the cost of getting it fixed.

I began Root Canal Therapy today at a specialist in Moonee Ponds.  He was good, but he had a bill to match it.  I walked out, still in pain, and $700 poorer! 

The pain is beginning to reduce as the night wears on, and hopefully gone by the morning.  I still have 2 more visits to finish off the treatment, and the good doctor quoted me $2500 for treatment and a crown.  There goes my water tank savings!

Hopefully my blogging mojo will return in the next few days, but please excuse me if I seem to missing in action. 


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    I hope you are pain free real soon….Geesh, If I was quoted that amount of money I would have seriously considered having that tooth pulled out. I hope you can find the humor in that.

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    I’m not sure which would cause me the most pain, the tooth or the bill. I’m with Barbara, I’d seriously consider losing the tooth.

    You’ll have to ask your dentist for a post card when he goes on holidays, seeing how you’re going to be paying for it.

    I hope you’re feeling better soon.

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    Ugh! I had an abcessed tooth followed by a partial root canal several years ago. It was awful!

    I hope you feel better soon. In the meantime, rest 😉 … as for the water tank, maybe you can find a few cheap rain barrels to do the trick until you can get a better deal. Teeth are important, too :).

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    Cranky Greenie….. oh yes…. but I love you still, at least you still smile at my jokes and antics even though you are in pain…. love ya Gavy


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    I am commiserating with you. I’ve undergone several root canals “re-dos” in the last decade. Not only painful physically but painful financially. I am not sure if all the original root canals were done by the same dentist but am looking for a new one.

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    Ouch! Poor you!

    Do you really need that tooth to function? I’m starting to think that, at that cost, having it pulled out might be the better option!

    I’ve got all my teeth at the moment, but if any of the back ones gives me that sort of grief, I think pulling it might be the way I’d choose. I’ve plenty to spare, after all – including my wisdoms (not that they’ve given me any!).

    Take care, and I hope you get a windfall soon for that water tank money!

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