Lack of Get Up and Go

I have been a bit lack lustre for the past week, as I have been suffering from a dying lower right molar.  Been on antibiotics to reduce the inflammation, swelling and pain.  Oh what agony it has been.  Lack of sleep makes for a grumpy greenie, and so does the cost of getting it fixed.I began Root Canal Therapy today at a specialist in Moonee Ponds.  He was good, but he had a   [Continue Reading …]

Mobile Mustering


One of the few thing I picked up yesterday were some Mobile Muster satchels used to recycle mobile phones.  In Australia we have a scheme run by the Australian Mobile Phone Industry which is free of charge to consumers.   I did a bit of research and found this info from the Mobile Muster site to share with you;Mobilemuster is the only whole of industry led electronic product   [Continue Reading …]

Sustainable Living Festival – 2010

Sustainable fun in the sun.  What a great day, as it is every year.  Unfortunately it was so hot that is was quite uncomfortable in the tents where the talks and workshops were held, but we battled on.  If it was a bit cooler, we probably would have stayed longer and checked out a few more presentations.  Not to worry, it was all good clean and free fun for all the   [Continue Reading …]

Two Years Young


I missed it!  February 13th, 2010 was this blog's second aniversary.  What a great couple of years it has been and I have thoroughly enjoyed writing down and sharing my adventures and experiences with you all so far. I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams that in the time since my awakening in 2006, that I would have adopted the following roles;A urban farming fanatic,An   [Continue Reading …]

Starting the Transition Decade

As I mentioned in the post titled "Transition Decade 2010-2019", this next 10 years will be one of rapid change, bad change if we choose the wrong path and proceed on with business as usual behaviours and bury our heads deeper into the sand, or a fantastic transformation of our society if we choose to get back in tune with our home, Mother Earth.To learn a bit more about the changes necessary for   [Continue Reading …]

A Very Italian Weekend


Ever since last Thursday, Italian food or better put, the preparation of a Mediterranean diet has been occupying the house of GOG.Another batch of Pesto was whipped up by Sis and I on Thursday afternoon.  We had to wait until after the thunderstorm which dumped 35mm in an hour to abate before I ventured out into the veggie patch to harvest the three remaining basil bushes.  I respected   [Continue Reading …]

A Strange Feeling


Today, my main post is over at the Simple, Green, Frugal Co-op and is titled Cognitive Dissonance.It is a rethink and rewrite of a story that I posted last year when I was experiencing a minor eco burnout!  My head certainly wasn't in the right place, and all I could see around me was doom and gloom with no-one doing anything about it. I believe it is a far better post because of my   [Continue Reading …]

Now Back To Regular Programming….

Sorry for the absence.  I have been having so much fun catching up, showing my sister around, and taking her to eco events, that I really haven't had much time to write over the past few days.Just as an example, we made Pesto on Thursday night, made Romano Cheese on Saturday, and travelled to the Transition Decade launch on Sunday!  In between, I managed to make 7 jars of passata,   [Continue Reading …]

Very Excited!

Finally, I get to see my Sister tomorrow.  It has been quite a few years since I have seen her.  In fact, I don't think she has been to visit me in Melton, ever, but that cannot be helped under the circumstances.We will be keeping her busy on weekends with lots of sustainable living events in Melton and around Melbourne.Tomorrow night, we have a screening of No Impact Man for the Melton   [Continue Reading …]

The Power of Chook


Is there no stopping the broodyness of my two little Pekin Bantams, Pippa and Poppy?  Apparently not.  For the second time this year they have decided that they want to be mums again.  So it was back into Coventry / The Cooler for both of them, in the attempt to make them as uncomfortable as possible so that they snap out of the habit and start laying again.I figured out why they   [Continue Reading …]

Soap Central


Well, Saturday and Sunday were huge.  There was more soap in the house than a season of Young and the Restless!The day started something like this.  Up early to do my morning jobs.  Fed the chooks, cleaned the pool, harvested more tomatoes, refilled the water butts from the main tanks.  The light rain we had on Friday helped fill the tank by another quarter.  Then off to   [Continue Reading …]

Day 38 – 160km Diet


Lessons learnt:  Don't forget to turn on the main isolation valve to your drip irrigation system before the automatic system turns on!  It took me a little while to figure out why all the vegetables were starting to look a bit tired, and it took me until this afternoon to figure it out.  That is what happens when tomatoes grow over the valve and block it from view.  I forgot to   [Continue Reading …]

Transition Decade 2010-2019


This decade will be the defining moment in human history.  Countries around the world are setting emission reduction targets that will be measured in the year 2020, so that means that a heck of a lot of action has to happen during the next 10 years.  We all have the power within to tackle the biggest issues that are now being presented to the human race, and unfortunately for us, they   [Continue Reading …]

A Great Soapy Outcome


Fantastic news everyone!  Remember all of those wonderful comments on my post "Lather Up Folks!", where some of you started a conversation about the damage that the clearing of Indonesian and Malaysian Rainforest for Palm Oil plantations is doing to the habitat of the Orangutan due to western demand for the product.  Well, I received an email yesterday from Yvonne Cowell, who owns Aussie   [Continue Reading …]

Bob the Office Zombie

Carrying over the zombie theme from my post today at the Simple, Green, Frugal Co-op, here is some light hearted messages about using your brain in the office. I couldn't stop snickering, because I have met a few people like Bob in my time!  Note: Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental!Watch Zombies inflitrate your workplace. Don't be like Bob; use your brain,   [Continue Reading …]

Day 32 – 160km Diet


Lessons learnt this week:  Home made icecream tastes fantastic.  Kim whipped it up in her new icecream maker that set me back about $150.  I am such a sucker for home made things, but this was worth the investment.  To the left is the cherry ripe icecream she made for me, from left over cherry ripes from Christmas and local ingredients.  We still have treats left over from   [Continue Reading …]