Day 7 – Bread Like a Bakery

As hot weather is expected over the next week, Kim decided to spend yesterday (a cool 26C) in the kitchen making bread.  We go through a small loaf a day, so this lot should last for over a week!

Some are a little flat, but they taste great all the same.  Maybe they needed a little more flour as the dough was very sticky when Kim removed it from the breadmaker.  Otherwise, bread problem solved and 6 loaves are now in the freezer for the rest of the week.
They are made from Lauke Wholemeal premix flour.  I was asked a question via comment about the Lauke Flour Mill, and if they use local grain.  Well, I am assuming so because the mill is near the middle of the Victorian Wheat growing region, but I will send them another email as I am curious myself. I hope so, but whatever the result, I am going to keep using their products during the 100 mile diet, because I is as close as I can get to home.  I think you have to give a little during this challenge or otherwise it will do your head in!
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    Hi Gavin, It is some time since I visited your blog but I,m going to give it a thorough going over , I,ve decided this year I,m going to be so careful, I have never used my breadmaker for making dough . I shall give it a try . –cottonreel

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    What beautiful looking bread. Kim is lucky to get mist of it into the freezer before everyone else realized such yumminess was nearby and fresh.

    I checked out the 100 mile circle around me – it contains wonderful fresh food including a realy good flour mill. This method could be dangerous for me and my already lack of waistline!

    I’m finding “no knead” bread methods useful and even bake the dough as an ordinary loaf in a tin (rather than in a heated dutch oven).

    Hope teh heat isn’t too high – the same El Nino is giving Wellington cooler temps then our usual (cool to you)summer ones and gale force wind over and over again.

    Kim’s bread + Gavin’s cheese = expected foodie joy for you all

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    Hi Gav,
    I made bread two days ago in similar weather, and it was also stickier than normal and the resultant loaves were flat-ish like yours. The humidity plays havoc with bread-making! I will be adding less water to the dough next time I do it on a cooler day, and letting it rise for much longer.

    Still better than the bought stuff though, hey?

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    Bread maker? Sorry, I don’t get what’s green about that. Before it’s baked, yeast, and therefore bread dough, is a living thing. You need to work with it to know what it needs. You won’t get that by just putting a bunch of ingredients into a machine. I think if you want good bread, you need to knead the dough yourself, that way you’ll get a feel for the consistency, the gluten level, the texture. With a bread machine you give away the best part of bread making– the opportunity to control the process and let it be what you want it to be. — Still your bread looks nice. I hope you are enjoying it.

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