Weak Outcome at COP15

The Copenhagen Accord, as the final document drawn up as a result of negotiations at COP15, is the most loosely worded, non-binding, waste of 2 years of negotiations that I have ever read!  It contains a bunch of face saving paragraphs that state the bleeding obvious, without any legally binding global GHG emissions reduction targets.  It is a licence for the developed nations to continue with business as usual and a death sentence for low lying countries and island nations.  Which country, besides the large emitting nations who brokered the deal, would actually sing the accord?

If this is the best that our world leaders can do, then it is time to seriously think about taking action ourselves by way of our only real voice.  That voice is who we vote for in the next national election in our respective countries.  After all, political will is a renewable resource!

We, the people of the world will be required to send our elected officials a message, loud and clear, that we will no longer stand for this empty rhetoric that usually flows from their mouths.  The fact that life as we know it will no longer exist with 2 degrees C of warming is obviously lost on some of these so called leaders, and that the economies of these countries are far more important than the future of life on Earth.  Maybe they think they can find another habitable planet to escape to and leave the rest of us behind to suffer the full effects of catastrophic climate change?  I really believe that the corporations and vested interests have taken over the reins of global power, and that the United Nations is not so united and is a farsical shell of an organisation especially now that we have failed to reach a fair, ambitious, and binding agreement.  I really expected better.

I feel gutted and betrayed as do many billions of others.  Just have a look below at the other blog commentary regarding the outcome at COP15.  They are just as disappointed and angry as I am.

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I resign to the fact that it will be the likes of you and I that turn this around in the next year or two.  With the 350.org campaign still in full flight, and the movement growing stronger day by day, it is now our only hope to averting the future that is documented in the ‘Copenhagen Accord’. Recycled toilet paper has more value than this document!

So, what are you waiting for?  Lets get on with the job at hand and show the real power of the people!



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    Hi Nevyn. I was being sarcastic when I mentioned the other planets, but fair point. They would only stuff up that one as well!

    Jonesy, Totally agree. Everyone I talk to says the same thing as you have. They really won’t know what hits them come next election, yet I find it hard to believe that the PM’s popularity still remains the same in the polls?


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    Gavin, as much as I love the idea of other habitable planets out there, I would prefer it if they remain undiscovered. We’re already doing a bang up job of trashing this planet. Why give the idiots another one to wreck.

    I actually got to see the news tonight and listening to Tony Abbott made me want to scream. He doesn’t get it, none of them do. Until politicans realise that they have to check their politics at the door, no progress will be made.

    By then it will be too late.

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