Walk Against Warming 2009 – Melbourne

As mentioned before, my family and I participated in the Walk Against Warming yesterday.  I have been trying to put the video together all day, and each time I pick a music track to go with it and upload it, YouTube blocks it due to copyright.  So, I have given up on the music all together and have just posted it as is without any music except the band that was playing on the day.  I hope you enjoy it all the same.

It was estimated that there were 40,000+ people at the walk this year, and I can believe that.  We were in the middle of the parade and I couldn’t see the end either back or forwards, and I have never seen such a crowd in all my life.  We all had a great time, as you will see in the video.  If you want to read more about the day, have a look at the official Environment Victoria page.  I hope the message gets through to our delegates loud and clear at Copenhagen.  A bit more action and a lot less piss farting around please!

Power to the People.


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    Looks great! Ours in Perth was similar, just a *lot* smaller. I intended to take some pics but was too busy passing out stickers and waving a sign. So heartening to see so many people around Australia for this!

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    @ Miss40. He is a cool dancer. Far better than his father!

    @ JulieG. I bet you still had a great time though. It was indeed heartening to see such a massive crowd.

    P.S. Environment Victoria loved my video so much they want to post it (with credit of course) on their EVTV site! I am chuffed to bits.


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