Some Days I Feel Like Ed

Some days I feel like Ed Begley Jr trying to combat the media bullshit that is reported everywhere. This man gave as good as he got!

I like Ed, and his TV show “Living with Ed“.  Finally, someone who walks the green talk in show biz, and not a jump on the bandwagon type of person.  Sounds like my type of guy!  Hey Ed, want to be friends?


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    To one of the points Ed raised, I would like to know what qualifies a “Climate Change Scientist”, over and above anyone who works with core samples, physics, weather and geology? Are they some kind of super scientist who has studied all fields to do with Climate Change?

    And how long does it take to acquire a degree as a Climate Change Scientist, when the term was only invented under a decade ago?

    The problem I find with selling Climate Change theory, is making it legitimate science, when it took a PR celebrity like Al Gore to convince the public in the first place.

    Now we have invented a new Climate Change Scientist we’re supposed to believe over any other scientist to date. We’ve invented a new platform for politicians to win votes with too.

    Is it any wonder arguements like the one on Fox, take place, with two competeing ideologies?

    I support debating humanity’s invovlement in Climate Change, because it’s good for layman to contemplate their effect on a grander scale. But we’re never going to be able to understand the science – that’s why we listen to celebrities instead. They make better salesmen. 😉

    I applaud both of them for speaking their minds. We got a bigger picture to contemplate, than just one side of the arguement. :)

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    This was like watching two grown men punch each other in the face. Ugh.

    It’s too bad they couldn’t have had a rational, sensible discussion. It would have given Ed the chance to prove calmly that the Fox presenter was an absolute idiot. Instead, I’m afraid Ed will be seen by Fox viewers as an ‘environmental wacko’.

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    I’m not a big fan of Ed the actor but I think I’ve just beome a huge fan of Ed the Environmentalist.

    Man, did he kick that presenter’s butt. Both were guilty of a bit of ranting but at least Ed’s had substance to it. All the other guy could do was twitter on about light bulbs.

    I think someone should pull that guy aside and break it to him gently that the government has been telling us how to live our lives for a long time.

    It’s whether we choose to listen to them, or not.

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    First of all I love that I am commenting on Christmas day on a blog entry posted on Boxing Day …too cool. And yes isn’t Ed doing a job for us. If we don’t get mad enough to fight back some loudmouth deniers will drown out the truth.

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