Climategate Greenwash

There has been much debate about the so called Climategate theft of emails and documents from the University of East Anglia and to whether it was set up by vested interests with the stolen data being cherry picked for out of context information that would discredit climate change.  I certainly believe that the theft was a rouse to unsettle the COP15 delegates and make a stronger case, for the already weak climate change denier lobby.  I am also disgusted that this clown (insert Senator Steve Feilding’s name), and his mate (insert Prof Ian Plimer) actually were given a passport and will be winging their way to the conference to join this merry band of circus performers.  Maybe the leader of the opposition can join them and make it a denier threesome!

Well in my mind, and my reality (the world that I observe around me), the climactic patterns throughout Australia have changed in my lifetime, and for the worse I may add.  Victoria is quickly becoming desert before my eyes, year by year, getting less rainfall on average each season, making life for those on the land near on impossible and unbeknown to the city folk, difficult for them.  The cities rely on the country for food and produce, who in turn rely on the city folk to buy its food and produce.  Everything is connected.

As I mentioned in my post “COP15 – A New Hope”, the time for turf wars are over, and it is now time to act for the salvation of all remaining species on planet Earth.  After all, we are in the midst of the greatest mass extinction in the history of humanity.  Who knows, it may even eclipse the big 5 mass extinction events of all time.  Ok, a bit dramatic, but if we act now, we can prevent not only other species extinction, and maybe our own (I am exaggerating to prove a point)!

So, to keep it interesting, here are a few thoughtful blog posts from fellow bloggers covering some of the events at COP15:

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More news from COP15 as I review it each day and great blog links about the event and climate change news as I read it.


  1. says

    Tell us Anonymous, which documentation says all that. No doubt being the Einstein you are you will have no trouble at all pointing it out to us sheeps.

  2. says

    Hi Gavin – I have an Aussie friend staying with me here in Dunedin at the moment (as in, she still lives in Australia, unlike me, who bailed). She’s mortified that her TAXES have paid for Senator “I Am A Dickhead” Fielding to go to Copenhagen.

    The guy needs a pie in his face. Mud – don’t waste cream.

    Any takers?

  3. Anonymous says

    Gavin, have you read any of the treaties? Or are you just another sheepish alarmist on the “CO2 is evil” bandwagon? I doubt you are being paid by anyone, so I conclude that you are just as brainwashed as the rest of the neo hippie zombies mindlessly cheerleading the biggest fraud ever perpetuated on human kind. It really is very sad. If you had read the documentation, you would realise the following:
    • Only the west will pay and have to reduce emissions
    • “Rich” western nations will pay anything up to 2% of their GDP as a carbon tax (Australias 2009 GDP was 1015 Billion dollars)
    • This tax is to fund a massive global government beurocracy with something in the order of 700 new departments with more acronyms than you can poke a stick at.
    • In addition there will be levies on greenhouse gas emissions
    • Allowances to emit will be auctioned off. If you cant afford them, you cannot emit.
    • A uniform global levy of $2 per tonne of CO2 for ALL fossil fuel emissions
    • Levies on emissions from international aviation. This means every airfare except those going in and out of “poorer” nations
    • a 2% share of “climate debt” to poorer nations
    • A global levy on international monetary transactions (every transaction across international borders will attract a 2% tax)
    • Penalties and unlimited fines for those who don’t comply, which will be enforced by a global “Green” police force.

    Can you afford all these taxes? I know I can’t, and sure as hell my children will not be able to afford them either. And be aware that this is only the beginning of what theyre proposing.

    I have some advice for you: Until you have read the treaties coming out of Copenhagen and understand the agenda of the corrupt and power hungry elites running this farce, then shut up.

  4. says

    Gav I will be watching with interest to what suggestions they come up with. I am all for making tough decisions as long as they are fare! I don’t want a system where mum and dad’s of Australia have to pay while corporatioins are overlooked espically the big polluters. Everyone needs to make changes.

  5. says

    “It’s not known if Senator Fielding will address the 15,000 delegates at the high-profile UN climate conference”

    I’m hoping that Mr Fielding does get a Guernsey at the climate conference, it would have to be the best comedy ever watching him trying to explain his batty ideas to the experts. And the resulting news coverage would be such a hoot we would all be in danger of requiring new underwear. I’m all for giving these clowns as mush rope as they need, the more they yap the more stupid they sound and I’m afraid poor old Steve is off to a bad start.

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