2009 Goal Update


It is that time again to give everyone an update as to whether I met any of the goals I set out to achieve this year.  Here is a recap of the three goals I set myself and a description on whether I achieved or got sidetracked;Our first goal is to find a substitute for our fortnightly take-away mealOur second goal is to build a backyard ovenOur third goal is to join/start a local sustainable   [Continue Reading …]

Christmas Cheer to One and All

Merry Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year! T'is the season to be jolly.Thanks to all my wonderful readers during the year during 2009, and here is to a fruitful and energetic 2010.To finish off the year, as I will be a bit scarce between now and New Year, I will leave you all with the very personalised video that Kim put together for all of us.Try JibJab SendablesĀ® eCards   [Continue Reading …]

Summer Solstice


Early this morning, the Summer Solstice passed us by here down under.  This marks the longest day of the year in the Southern Hemisphere, and it is all the way down hill now until the Winter Solstice hits in June.  Our first sunflower is massive and beautiful with a few more to bloom in the next few weeks.  We also picked all of the ANZAC Peaches tonight, and they taste absolutely   [Continue Reading …]

Chicken Run Redesign


The weekend was a busy one!  The redesign of the chicken run continued in earnest with three main objectives in mind;Reclaim the garden bed in the run to plant a crop of chillies,Reclaim the path to the shed so I didn't have to sweep it every day, and so that I can brew some more beer, andAllow easy access to the nesting box without having to enter the run.After two more days of hard work,   [Continue Reading …]

Weak Outcome at COP15


The Copenhagen Accord, as the final document drawn up as a result of negotiations at COP15, is the most loosely worded, non-binding, waste of 2 years of negotiations that I have ever read!  It contains a bunch of face saving paragraphs that state the bleeding obvious, without any legally binding global GHG emissions reduction targets.  It is a licence for the developed nations to   [Continue Reading …]

Know Thy Enemy

Knowledge is a powerful tool to have in your arsenal.  I have been doing some research about coal and various industry lobby groups that I often write about, who say one thing, but do another, in reference to climate change.  As you have probably read, the coal and mining industry have an active front of these type of organisations, that lobby our politicians into inaction regarding   [Continue Reading …]

A Real Deal – An Open Letter to Prime Minister Rudd

Dear Prime Minister Rudd,Thank you for personally visiting the COP15 negotiations at Copenhagen, however I ask you this one thing.Please stop playing games, wake up and take a look at the consensus around you, and sign a real climate deal.  Can you not hear the citizens of your country calling out for strong action?  100,000 of us Walked Against Warming so that you would listen.    [Continue Reading …]

Christmas without Commercialism

I know I am stating the bleeding obvious, but when they start bringing out the Christmas decorations in department stores during the month of October, you really know that things have just gone too far.  The blatant commercialisation of the holiday season has been getting longer and longer each year.  It must be time to join Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping!Whether you   [Continue Reading …]

Keeping it Green and Keen


My main post for the day is over at the Simple, Green, Frugal Co-op and is about how I keep motivated regarding my journey towards a sustainable lifestyle.I thought it was time to share a bit of personal reflection, and share some of my learning that I have aquired along the way.  It is a bit of a brain dump on how I keep focused on the task at hand, i.e. the Greening of Gavin, so to   [Continue Reading …]

Walk Against Warming 2009 – Melbourne

As mentioned before, my family and I participated in the Walk Against Warming yesterday.  I have been trying to put the video together all day, and each time I pick a music track to go with it and upload it, YouTube blocks it due to copyright.  So, I have given up on the music all together and have just posted it as is without any music except the band that was playing on the day.    [Continue Reading …]

Walk Against Warming – Reminder

Big day tomorrow.  My family, friends and I will be Walking against Warming here in Melbourne.  Why walk, I here you ask?  This is why!The eyes of the world are upon us.  With all the scepticism about climate change funded by vested interests in the Australian media and from the Federal opposition party, the other delegates in Copenhagen are being sent mixed messages that could   [Continue Reading …]

Unwarranted Personal Attack

Much to my surprise, my last post received a bit of attention by way of a personal attack on my character.  Here is the comment for all to see;Anonymous 10 December 2009 11:35 AM   Gavin, have you read any of the treaties? Or are you just another sheepish alarmist on the "CO2 is evil" bandwagon? I doubt you are being paid by anyone, so I conclude that you are just as   [Continue Reading …]

Climategate Greenwash

There has been much debate about the so called Climategate theft of emails and documents from the University of East Anglia and to whether it was set up by vested interests with the stolen data being cherry picked for out of context information that would discredit climate change.  I certainly believe that the theft was a rouse to unsettle the COP15 delegates and make a stronger case, for the   [Continue Reading …]