Watching Gardens at the Co-op

I have written a bit of a retrospective post over at the Simple, Green, Frugal Co-op today about how my garden has grown.

I wrote it after quite a bit of a disaster in said veggie patch today.  My two poly greenhouses were blown over in the wind after snapping the string that held them to the deck, and down came all the vegetable seedlings that I was growing for myself and for the DJ Festival on Saturday.  I nearly cried, because I spent the best part of Sunday potting the little seedlings into bigger pots.  Then I discovered 2 large branches of my 3 year old capsicum were snapped off at the base!  I hope it survives.

So back to the drawing board, and I managed to rescue all but about three plants.  I sprayed them all with a weak Seasol solution to help with transplant shock, which was basically what I effectively did.  I even managed to save a few mangy looking seedlings that were in the pile of potting mix where the greenhouses stood.  I will look at relocating them to a more sheltered spot tomorrow, but with the weather warming up, I might not need them again until autumn.

I did however loose an entire tray of green and red spring onions that I had planted as seeds, with some cucumber and pumpkin seeds as well and will have to do it all over again tomorrow.  Anyway, as fate would have it, I stepped back to admire my handy work, looked over my shoulder and was standing in the exact spot that I take a yearly photo of my veggie patch.  It was that moment that I received the inspiration to write the post over at the SGF Co-op.  I do hope you pop over and have a look.  The post is titled, “Watching My Veggie Patch Grow”.



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