My Coffee Guilt is Nearly Over

Confession time.  I have been very un-green each morning before catching the train to work.  Our station at Melton has a little kiosk that serves a very nice flat white coffee, however, Ebony, the kiosk lady, uses polystyrene cups with plastic lids.  Now, as most of you know the both of these plastics are recyclable, however that is not the point.  What peeves me the most is that they are designed for single use only and most people just throw them in the landfill bin.

Same situation when I get to the city.  Every man, woman and dog is carrying around paper or polystyrene single use cups only before going to work.  It made me want to scream!  Did you know that in Australia alone, disposable paper cups account for over 5,500 tonnes of landfill each year.  That is a lot of coffee and waste that is just not necessary.So, I took matters into my own hands.

Firstly, I asked Ebony (who is very nice and knows all of her customers names and their coffee preference), if I could bring a reusable cup that she could fill every morning for me.  She had no issues at all, so when I got home one day last week, I asked Kim to have a look for a reusable type coffee cup that was made from recycled plastic and that could be used over and over again.

Enter the Keep Cup!  A pretty cool cup made from 100% recycled #5 polypropylene which is also recyclable, the box it come in had no plastic bag inside and was made from 90% recycled carbord, and the instructions were printed on 100% recycled paper.  The cup is stated to last for four years and guaranteed for one year subject to fair wear and tear.  I have a medium sized cup, which I think is equal to a large coffee served at the station, and the same colour that is in the picture.


Best of all, it was designed and is made right here in Melbourne!  If the colour I chose doesn’t take your fancy, then have a look below;


I am looking forward to my first coffee tomorrow morning in my very own Keep Cup.  I am hoping that other will see my flash looking reusable cup and ask where I got it from.  Leading by example seems to be the only way people get the message around here.

Now if I can only get Ebony to serve up organic, free trade coffee, my influence will be complete.


  1. Kimberley says

    Hi gavin, Just thought you’d like to know you’ve inspired a fellow ex pusser. I bought the Aerobin 400 recently, have made it up and am slowly filling it. I find your podcasts entertaining and educational and I love the variety of them. We are in the middle of having a geothermal heating system installed in our house (we’re in the snowy mountains) so we’re pinching pennies at the moment – can’t patreon you! Thanks again. Kimberley

  2. says

    @ JulieG, I have even been using mine for water. I have been known to be a little clumsy around my computer with water, so this saves it from spillage!

    @ Tricia. You are so right. So many people have asked me where I got it from. It feels good to be a trendsetter, doesn’t it!

    @ CP. Yes, my mistake. It should read Fair Trade Coffee. :-)

  3. says

    I’ve got one and love it! It lives in my bag all the time – just like my reusable shopping bags.

    I’ve been collecting disposable coffee cups from my work colleagues as I use them as seedling pots. I have a HUGE pile on my desk at the end of each week. What a waste! I’ve inspired two colleagues to buy a Keep Cups so far.

  4. says

    I have been long tempted by those KeepCups – they’re everything I think a sustainable business ought to be, plus the product is super cute… but I hardly ever get takeaway coffee!


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