ETS is Watered Down Pond-Scum

Well what can I say? The vested interest have nearly won the battle, but not the war against a fair Emissions Trading Scheme here in Australia.  Our government wants to pass a series of bills so that they look like they are actually doing something before Copenhagen, whilst meanwhile actually doing nothing to reduce greenhouse gas emission and simply handing out taxpayer dollars to the big polluters in the form of free permits to pollute.

It is just pure craziness, and it seems that no-one has the guts and foresight to call this bill out for what it is.  A piece of rubbish, that will probably be blocked in the Senate for the second time (Here is hoping, anyway).  With the new amendments inserted to appease the opposition party, it is nothing but a pond-scum of a bill.  Sorry, let me correct that.  It is the bacteria that feed on the pond-scum of a bill.

If they, our elected officials had have stuck to the recommendations of the Garnaut review, we would have a half decent ETS to assist in reducing greenhouse gasses in this country, and become world leaders of a green economy.  Instead, they have pissed this, the one and only opportunity, away into the wind and it will return to haunt us further into the future as we discover that it will take over a generation for this scheme to actually achieve any reductions.  We don’t have a generation to act.  The ice shelves at both poles are melting faster than ever, our weather patterns are well out of whack, and I am pissed off that all we have to show for it is a crappy piece of legislation that actually pays massive compensation to all industries that have been the culprits to date.  Blind Freddy can see that this is not right (sorry if you are blind and are called Freddy), and I believe that this is a ploy to maintain the status quo whilst looking like action is being taken.

Fiddling whilst Rome burns is what it is.  Dinosaur industries that put profit before people.  Something has to change and I vote that it is not the climate!

That is my two cents for the day.  Comments please, I would love to hear your opinion.



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    Thanks to everyone for your wonderful comments and links. I agree with all of you that if this legislation passes, we will be the laughing stock of the world. We are going to get a butt kicking at Copenhagen by the third world countries. It is this sort of pigheadedness that lead to wars in the early 20th century.

    We can do better than this. Take Dixiebelle’s advice and write yet another letter to the PM and tell him what you think. I have many times, but now rarely get a reply. Maybe I am in his junk mail folder!

    Also, have a read of Senator Milnes speech at the link in JulieG’s comment. It is exactly what I said, but much more succinct and in better English!


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    I think the US, Australia and NZ are setting themselves up for a bit of a kicking at Copenhagen.

    This article by Naomi Klein is worth a read.
    “As faith in government action dwindles, however, climate activists are treating Copenhagen as an opportunity of a different kind. On track to be the largest environmental gathering in history, the summit represents a chance to seize the political terrain back from business-friendly half-measures, such as carbon offsets and emissions trading, and introduce some effective, common-sense proposals – ideas that have less to do with creating complex new markets for pollution and more to do with keeping coal and oil in the ground.”

    The full article can be accessed here. The third world and developing nations are getting pretty pissed off with the greed of these richer countries and will I’m sure be sending them a wakeup call loud and clear.

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    Hit the nail on the head Gavin this bill is junk junk junk.
    Never thought i’d be wanting more climate sceptics in parliament – but on this one occasion i’m hoping there are enough of them to vote this bill down…

    There was an interesting interview on ABC Radio National this morning (Wednesday 25th) that looked at the history of trading schemes and IMHO showed them for the con they are….have a listen….

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    I totally agree Gavin,

    Why put on a green facade when the truth is that our representatives hands (and sadly, often our own) are covered in soot? I still believe it is up to us to educate more people to consume less, especially products that drive the coal industry.

    On a totally different note, i am about to post a gardening question on my site so please drop by when you get a chance and see if you can solve the mystery. xo Meagan.

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    I’m right with you Gavin.

    My username on Facebook is “Leanne TheAussie”.

    I’m thinking of changing it to “Leanne AshamedToBeAnAussie”


    Not good.

    (Interestingly, my word captcha for this comment is “dumpiti”. Pretty bloody appropriate, I reckon!)

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    wholeheartedly agree Gavin!I was alarmed to hear a spokeswoman for India likening us with America as “polluting bullies”. It just doesn’t seem that difficult to me to stop the rot, we just don’t need to use so much “coal” supplied commodities ….if we stopped buying so much of it they wouldn’t need to generate it!
    then Rudd maybe wouldn’t be so scared to make a stronger stand.

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    Well put.
    The ETS is a piece of useless political piss that will result in Australia buying overseas credits and doing NOTHING else meaningful to reduce our emissions.

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