Low Pressure Drip Irrigation Part 3


This is the final in the series, as I have finished my drip irrigation project this afternoon. It took me another 4 hours of constant work to finish it off, but well worth the effort.  For those who haven't read the other two parts, here are the links to Part One, and Part Two.  Best to catch up so you can understand what I am talking about in this post.As mentioned in part 2, I laid   [Continue Reading …]

Peak Oil in the Media

I have just finished a photo shoot with the local paper, with the story being about the looming oil crisis and how our town has been listed in a report as the #1 affected community by rising oil prices in Victoria.This is the rub.  We have no industry to speak of, we are totally dependent on transportation for food, with no major food production close by except for Bacchus Marsh which is   [Continue Reading …]

It Used to Rain Like This Once….

Twice in a week now.  Heavy rain.  This is unusual for our area, well it is unusual due to the fact that it is out of character for climate patterns of the last 14 years.  Back in the good old days, it used to rain often during spring and winter in southern Victoria for days and weeks on end, and it was a lush, green place.  I can even remember when the slogans on the Victorian   [Continue Reading …]

ETS is Watered Down Pond-Scum

Well what can I say? The vested interest have nearly won the battle, but not the war against a fair Emissions Trading Scheme here in Australia.  Our government wants to pass a series of bills so that they look like they are actually doing something before Copenhagen, whilst meanwhile actually doing nothing to reduce greenhouse gas emission and simply handing out taxpayer dollars to the big   [Continue Reading …]

Low Pressure Drip Irrigation Part 2

When I got home tonight, I went and inspected the work I completed yesterday, only to find a small puddle at the bottom of the 100L water butt that I had sat on the ground.  In my haste yesterday, I had bent the tap and the rubber grommet was not forming a seal.  I lost about 25L during the day.I decided to fix it up straight away, but as I was unable to lift the 100kg of water, I had to drain ¾   [Continue Reading …]

Low Pressure Drip Irrigation Part 1


As promised, here is the first of my drip irrigation posts, inspired by a visit to my friend Michael's house yesterday.We woke up this morning to find the swimming pool extremely close to the top, just from the rainfall overnight.  It must have rained all night, which is very rare in my part of the world.  With nowhere else for the water to do, and not wanting to loose any more down the   [Continue Reading …]

My Coffee Guilt is Nearly Over

Confession time.  I have been very un-green each morning before catching the train to work.  Our station at Melton has a little kiosk that serves a very nice flat white coffee, however, Ebony, the kiosk lady, uses polystyrene cups with plastic lids.  Now, as most of you know the both of these plastics are recyclable, however that is not the point.  What peeves me the most is   [Continue Reading …]

Fun in the Cool Weather


What a great day!Reprieve from the heat of the last 4 weeks, with a little rain last night and a humid yet cool day of 24°C compared to a hot 35°C yesterday.I ran a few errands, donated 7 bags of clothes to the MS shop, and then back before 1100 to start work in my garden.  I planted some capsicum and chilli seedlings, and the sole surviving Tomatillo seedling.  I emptied one of the   [Continue Reading …]

Travelling with Low Emissions


Once again, my main post is over at the Simple, Green, Frugal Co-op, with a post titled, "Green Transportation".  It is an in depth essay regarding the GHG emissions produced by most modes of transportation we use on a daily basis.  It also takes into consideration that fact that we are at the end of the age of cheap oil and some of the reasons it is better to use greener forms of   [Continue Reading …]



Today, I pulled up some of my remaining root vegetables.  All season Carrots, Parsnips and Garlic.  Not much more to say except here are the pictures!Garlic bulbs drying before I plait them for hanging.There are about 27 bulbs.  I will wait a few more days, then wipe the remaining dirt off of them and trim off the roots.  I will keep the three largest bulbs for planting next season.These carrots   [Continue Reading …]

Spring Update – November

Sorry for being a neglectful blog writer of late.  I apologise, but I have just been so busy, and it has just been so hot and dry in my part of the world.We have had 3 weeks of above 33°C now, which in Spring is about 10-12º above average for this time of year.  Even though we only live 45 km west of Melbourne as the crow flys, we have temps that are 3-5º high than the city.  When I leave work in   [Continue Reading …]

Sustainable Living talk to the Lions


No, I didn't go to Werribee Zoo to talk to the big cats, I went to Caroline Springs Library to talk to the local Lions Club members about, "How I greened my home in West Melton" as part of National Recycling week.It was a lovely audience of about 15 people, who seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say.  I was even approached by one of the members to submit a small article on green   [Continue Reading …]

Fun at the Fair

Our Sustainable Living group recently had an educational stall at the towns annual festival.  We had a great time and you can read more about it over at the MSLG website.  The post is, "Fun at the DJ Festival".  Here is the first shift enjoying the calm before the storm!Not wanting to big note ourselves, but I reckon we had the most interesting stall at the festival!  We all worked hard to spread   [Continue Reading …]

Why Do I Write Letters to Politicians?


I believe that within a democratic form of government, our elected politicians work for us and not the other way around.  So if we are the boss of them, how do we tell them what we think is important in our lives other than at election time every 4 years or so when all those citizens over 18 years old get the opportunity to vote based on the party's published policies?  Especially when   [Continue Reading …]

Watching Gardens at the Co-op


I have written a bit of a retrospective post over at the Simple, Green, Frugal Co-op today about how my garden has grown.I wrote it after quite a bit of a disaster in said veggie patch today.  My two poly greenhouses were blown over in the wind after snapping the string that held them to the deck, and down came all the vegetable seedlings that I was growing for myself and for the DJ Festival   [Continue Reading …]

Drink Manufacturers State The Bleeding Obvious

This story in the news yesterday made me laugh, really.  It is scaremongering at its best, up there with the likes of ExxonMobil funding climate change sceptics."Recycling refund will hike beer price".  Basically, drink giants like Foster's Group, Lion Nathan and Coca-Cola are playing a game with consumers saying that the price per drink will go up if a national container recycling   [Continue Reading …]