Rebranding Coal

GetUp! Australia are fighting back with this slick rebuttle to the re-branding effort that the coal lobby are attempting in marginal federal and state seats to change the image of coal to that of a clean energy. 

Once again, what a crock.  There is no such thing as Clean Coal.  Not only is it an oxymoron, you only have to touch the stuff to know that this statement is true, and by simply looking at the pollutants spewing out of the coal fired power stations all around our country.  We cannot sequester the emissions in time to prevent catastrophic climate change, so lets focus our efforts on renewable energy which is available right now, instead of pouring billions into a pipe dream to keep an industry alive that will do us more harm than good in the long run.

This is the information that GetUp! sent me.  They have already reached their campaign target, so I am simply assisting in getting the message out there.  Nothing peeves me more that the coal lobby and vested industries trying to influence our communities and elected officials with lies.  Let the truth be told.  Thanks GetUp! for bringing it to our attention.

Dear Gavin,

Have you seen what the coal lobby is up to? Right now they’re blanketing the airwaves in coal country marginal seats with a new ad campaign, in an attempt to undermine our transition to a clean-energy economy and strong-arm politicians into giving them extra handouts.

We need to expose their ad campaign for what it is: a highly-paid rebranding exercise. The good news is we have just the ad to do it. Once people see it, every time they see the coal lobby’s ad they’ll think of our parody. That means you could make every marketing dollar the coal lobby spends work against them.

In just weeks the Government will decide how much extra tax-payer assistance the coal industry will get – can you chip in to get this ad on air before Parliament resumes next week?

The coal lobby has brought out the big guns – the same man behind ‘Kevin07’ is running their campaign. And there’s already signs it may be working – with key politicians dancing to the coal lobby’s tune. They want to further weaken the Government’s woefully inadequate emissions trading scheme with even more exemptions for the coal lobby.

You can show Labor and Liberal leaders alike that there’s something more powerful than the polluting lobby: everyday Australians, like yourself, who are fed up with weak action on climate change and are willing to do something about it.

If we can raise $50,000 in the next 48 hours we’ll buy ads on TV spots like Meet the Press and Sky News, as well as in the areas that the coal lobby are running their ads, so that Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull can see that Australians are not buying the coal lobby’s line:

As part of our ReEnergise Australia campaign, GetUp members have been going door by door, block by block in targeted marginal seats across the country. They’ve been telling their friends and neighbours about the importance of renewable energy to Australia’s environmental and economic future.

Don’t let the coal lobby undermine the grassroots efforts of your fellow GetUp members and volunteers with their slick marketing tricks

If you want more details about the campaign that GetUp! are running you can find it at the links above.



  1. says

    Arrgh typical advertising to make something we would never accept if we read it, but many fall for because it is on the telly so …camp.

    How much money are they spending to do this? I was away and missed this story. Off on a bush holiday

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