My Action

You may have heard of this campaign.  Check the video out first and I will then describe our group action.

Our Sustainable Living Group will have a group photo standing in my veggie patch, with the Solar PV panels in the background holding a big 350 sign that we will send to  Should be pretty cool, because everyone in the group try to lower their carbon footprint all the time, so we are kind of preaching to the converted so to speak.  I better get my act together and make that sign out of recycled cardboard!

Every little action helps get the message across to the delegates that are about to attend the climate change talks at Copenhagen.  Sign up at to do your little bit for the campaign.  Check out what Daharja is doing over at Cluttercut for her action.  There are many like us.  Lets get the message out there that we want serious action on averting climate change and not the half arsed attempts we have seen by global governments so far.



  1. says

    Hi Gav – I’m looking forward to seeing your photos. Any chance you can be holding a chicken in the shot? :-)


    PS – The kids are looking forward to the “big dig” on the 24th!

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