Establishing the Pecking Order

As promised late last night, I have made a movie about introducing new chickens into an existing flock.  It is quite entertaining.  Grab the organic popcorn and get stuck in.

Now it was shortly after the making of this movie that the three larger birds decided it was time to stretch their wings and test the boundaries of their chicken run.  So, Kim and I had to clip their wings.  It is a quite harmless procedure, whereby you grip the chicken firmly and gently spread one wing at a time and cut off about 2.5 cm of the wing tips.  It simply changes the shape of their wing and stops them from taking flight.  As they moult next winter, we will have to perform this task again. 

Just make sure you use a very sharp pair of scissors so not to hack at the feathers, as they are still connected to a live bird!

And to finish off, here is a proud Eco Boy keeping an eye on the chooks after I packed them into their boxes in the boot of our car.

Oh, and one of the Pekin are laying.  They have such cute little eggs.  Just the right size for Ben.


  1. ecoMILF says

    Oh my Gosh Gavin- i never thought chickens could be so entertaining! Love the soundtrack too. That scary music when your originals were released had me on edge. I had to keep reminding myself that a scary part was not coming with the climx in the music. They look like they’re going to settle in well. The poofy grey one (I know that is a horrible way to describe it but I forget what they were called) really had some attitude despite his size. Have fun with them and congratulations on the new additions to your family! xo Meagan.

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