Good Weather for Ducks

Well you have all heard the saying, so what a surprise we got this afternoon when these two flew in. It was a lovely day to spend swimming around the pool in the spring sunshine.

I am not quite sure why they chose our pool, but they hung around for most of the day.

Maybe they thought that if it was good enough for the chooks on the other side of the fence, that it was good enough for them. No sooner did they leave, then the rain came. We received more rain in about 3 hours than we have in the last three months and we only got about 4mm! Maybe our feathered friends were a good omen. Come back tomorrow team, please.

And after the rain, everything was soaked of course. The garden has had such a good drink only because I have raised beds, but as every gardener would say, I wish it would have rained all day. There are still strict water restrictions in Melton and the ground is bone dry. Dig down a couple of centimetres and it is hard as rock, and I don’t see the situation changing during Spring either. Well at least the water tank is full for Summer, and I have plenty of shade cloth now to shade the tomatoes during the very hot weather. No cooked tomatoes for us on the vine this year thank you very much. I would rather do my cooking in the kitchen or on the BBQ! I believe it is called “adapting to Climate Change”, which is something I wish we didn’t have to do, and shouldn’t have to if we all got off our collective bums and did something about it. That means the entire developed and growing developing nations in the world! Get on with it, please. Only a few months to Copenhagen, so do the right thing, please world leaders and leave the bullshit behind.

We are all off to St Erth, in Blackwood tomorrow to buy some veggie seeds and to look at the spring bulb exhibition. We missed it by a month last year and went to early. Hopefully we will catch it just at the right time of the year tomorrow.

I have already planted out lots of seeds for spring and made my own seed raising mix on Wednesday afternoon, but I will write about that tomorrow and about our little trip. It may take some time to get there as I can only sit for about 20 minutes before I get sore and the trip is about and hour each way, but I promised Kim that I would stick it out. We haven’t been out for what seems like ages. Should be good fun.


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    Hi Gavin – We’ve got a team of ducks as neighbours :-) The local landrover owner ran his beastie back and forth a few times on his nature strip to make a muddy muddle for them, and now they’ve moved in permanently a couple of houses away!

    Yay ducks!

    It’s lovely to have local wildlife, isn’t it?

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    Wild ducks love our neighbour’s pool as well. We love watching them swimming around & enjoying themselves, but the actual pool owners hate them, because of the mess.

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    I hope the ducks do prove to be an omen for rain down there however don’t give them too warm a welcome. At our last place in Brisbane, they moved in and every morning the piles of green poo reappeared at the pool’s edge.
    I’ll look forward to learning about your seed raising mix recipe.

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    Happy Ducks! Hope they come back and perform their rain magic some more for you. Here I’m rejoicing that my excuse for a lawn no longer squelches when I walk across it, much safer to walk on the steeper bits.

    Fingers crossed for your back as you head off to the exhibition, take care and enjoy yourselves.

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