Father’s Day 2009

Fathers Day for another year, it only seemed like it was yesterday!

I was awoken by Ben (9) and Amy (20, who slept over) and received some nice gifts. A seed savers book from Ben that I will do a separate post about, and a toolbox, pj bottoms and the yearly faithful pair of Grosby old blokes slippers. With big kisses and hugs, they went off to do something together as they are best mates!

The back was hurting like hell, so had to take some meds and Kim cooked me a wonderful full English breakfast. Scrambled eggs from the girls (thanks chookie ladies), baked beans, toast with butter, fried mushrooms, 3 rashers of bacon and a cup of hot English Breakfast Tea. Very nice indeed. I am not sure if the kids helped out, but it was very yummy. Amy had to leave early to go back to Ballarat where she lives, so more hugs and kisses (I like those) and she was off.

The meds took over after about 30 minutes, and I slept until 1pm, then managed to get out of bed when son Adam (22) arrived from his home in CBD Melbourne. He gave Kim $50 last week, with which we bought a black mulberry tree and large pot with yesterday. We had some good laughs, watched a very funny episode of Family Guy, in which Stewy kidnaps the entire cast of Star Trek – The Next Generation with the blue prints of the transporter he bought at a Star Trek Convention. Being a Star Trek fan, I laughed very, very hard, and it was just the medicine I really needed. Adam showed us some recent photos of his last few weeks, and we showed him the fantastic photos that Kim took at St Erth yesterday (separated post on that one as well). Then Megan (17) arrived home at about 3pm, gave me one of my favourite flannelette shirts as a present and we had a good chat. I had to lay down again for a little while on my heat pack to ease more bloody pain.

Before dinner which Kim and Megan were preparing, Adam helped me clean out the hen house and he distributed the manure throughout their scratching bed for them to do the hard work to turn some more clay into loam for me. The girls are such good little workers. He also swept the back veranda for me, to earn his dinner. Dinner was sausage with rossini, which is a rice shaped pasta. It kind of tasted like a big risotto but better. Then for desert, we had microwave sponge with homemade jam and walnuts. I was officially full of yummy food, and gave Kim a hug for putting on such a great day, because behind every great Fathers day is someone usually working hard in the background. The great payback is Mothers day, where I reciprocate the gesture. A pretty cool arrangement if I do say so myself. I gave my own Father a call to say gidday, who had a similar type of day in bed due to an inner ear disorder. We chatted for about 10 minutes, and I am so glad he and Norma are coming down for a visit in a few weeks. I miss the old bloke! We are going to have a home made cheese fest which I believe they are looking forward to. Kim’s mum Pam also turns up about the same time, so it should be a great gathering.

I felt like a King for a day, surrounded by my loving offspring and showered with gifts. What more could a bloke ask for besides world peace, the end of poverty, and swift action on climate change!

I hope all you dads out there had a fantastic day as well.

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  1. Danni- Neighbour says

    Glad you had a great day Gavin. We look forward to being able to meet your Dad and Kims Mum. Would love to have a big fancy dinner xx

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