After The Rain

Finally, it has started to rain a bit in our neck of the woods.  It rained so much overnight that the soil is moist down to about 30cm.  It has been so long since we had a decent down pour that it brought joy to my heart and I had to take a movie of what it looked like after the rain and around our house and some of the eco features that you may have only seen in photos.
I don’t think the screen ratio is right, but will have to fix it up in the next video that I post.  It was good to use a video camera I picked up for $218, that can do High Def, so you will so a few more tutorials on the blog.  Instead of pictures, there will be video “how to..”


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    Great to see around your place Gavin, thanks for the video! Like Linda I am envious of your rain, it’s so dry in the Illawarra although we had a few mil last night. We have woken to the most extraordinary and worrying red dust this morning, check out images of Sydney online.

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    Thanks for the invitation to come visit. It certainly does put things more in perspective than a bunch of photos. How lovely to see the rain.It is getting so dry up here in Queensland I was just a little envious :-)Good to see you on the up and up again Gavin.

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    Sincere thank yous, great to see how it is all set out.

    Hope you get heaps of rain, I’m sure the pool is a welcome place for the humans over Summer.

    Latest definition of an Optomist – A kiwi buying tickets for day 4 of a upcoming test match NZ vs. Aussie!

    Veggie garden looking good, enjoy the broad beans,

    Michelle and Zebbycat across the ditch

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