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My Dad told me when I was a very young lad, not to talk about Politics, Religion or Football at a in social conversation unless you want trouble at that event. Well, Dad, sorry mate, but I feel I have to break one of the golden rules. 

Our two party political system works okay up to a point, however they are usually able to be influenced by corporations who only have short term profits at the front of their minds and never the interest of the common good.  I know, because I work for one (corporation that is), and corporate responsibility is only a new buzz word in the ivory towers of industry. 

That is where I believe our political system breaks down.  Which ever industry who can lobby the longest and hardest can usually twist the proverbial arm of which ever party is in power to their advantage.  This is exactly what is going on with the climate change issue that affects us all.  Big polluting companies may have well have written and tabled the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme because the only people that benefit are them and their shareholders. 

So to explain it all in laymans terms, here is a well written piece I borrowed from the Switch off Hazelwood blog.  Sure it is only one point of view, but it is the one that I subscribe to, and a great campaign.

“The revised CPRS is leisurely in its timing, delaying implementation for a year and setting a nominal first-year carbon price of $10 a tonne with unlimited number of permits, meaning no effective action for another three years. It has increased permits to the biggest polluters from 90 per cent to now start at 95 per cent, and preserves the outsourcing of Australia’s national responsibilities by allowing the unlimited purchase of permits from overseas, so that the scheme has no mechanism for ensuring that Australia’s emissions (as opposed to domestic permits) will drop by even one tonne by 2050. The Treasury modelling assumes no decrease in Australian emissions for another 25 years!! Nor will the CPRS produce an avalanche of “green jobs” because it is not designed to close down the brown economy or build a clean, renewable-energy sector.”

So thats is why I like having a party like the Australian Greens in the Senate who have the balance of power when the other two parties cannot agree on a piece of legislation, which just happens to be most of the time.  They get to make the hard decisions as to which pieces of legislation pass through the Senate and which ones don’t.  Of course they have to also negotiate with that unusual senator Steve Fielding and the Independent Senator Nick Xenophon, but most of the time they do the right thing.

So I have a simple message from the leader of the Australian Greens, Bob Brown.  Please take the time to watch it, it is only short.  I believe that they will keep them honest again when the CPRS legislation goes back to the Senate for a second time.  Who knows, we may even get a double disalution, and disolve the govenment and force an early election.  I know who I will vote for, and it won’t be the clowns who are in power now, nor the other clowns in the opposition party!

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  1. says

    I was all behind Kevin Rudd and voted for him purely for his stance on the environment. Now all I feel is lied to. I need to find my local Greens member and see what I can do because there is no way I am going to be lied to again.

  2. says

    Well the ayes have it. Lets increase the numbers of Green Senators, and we might even get a few in the lower house as well! The only true way of voicing our opinions other than lobbying is with our right to vote. My family (those elegible) vote Green, not because I ask them to, but because they know it is the right thing to do for our future!

  3. JulieG says

    At the next election I’ll definitely be campaigning to get the Greens the balance of power in the Senate. It’s meant to be a house of review, not a house of pass-whatever-the-govt-wants.

  4. says

    The whole thing is a joke, a piss poor one, in really bad taste.

    The problem with going to the polls is that the same idiots will be voted in by the idiots who don’t give a toss about climate change.

    Useless bunch of bully boy pratts.

  5. says

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I think this legislation is a crock – thank goodness there are Senators opposing it. They definitely have my support.

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