A Change Is As Good As A Holiday

Well, I thought it was about time I threw off the blogspot shackle and got my own domain name.  Hopefully it will be easier for people to find, but will take a couple of days to register at all the planetary Domain Name Servers throughout the Internet.  For those who have not cottoned on yet, my new blog address is http://greeningofgavin.com

I have been assured by Blogger that the old address will continue to work, so no need to change any links or such things.  It will certainly be easier to tell friends as well!

What a great present for my 451st post and all for a measly US$10!

Keep on greening on,


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  1. says

    Hey Gav, that is exciting! I will update the link details on my blog so people can go to your new domain but it good that people can still go to your old one too.


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