A Breath of Fresh Air


Just imagine this. Kim with there with her still healing foot, and me with my sore back, out in the garden today doing a few simple tasks.We fertilised all the fruit trees in the front orchard with a handful of blood and bone and watered it in well. Then we raked back some mulch in the two front garden beds that we grew vegetables in last summer and planted some lucerne seeds (couple of hundred   [Continue Reading …]

Cheese at the Co-op


My turn today over at the Simple, Green, Frugal Co-op, and I chose to write about one of my favourite hobbies, cheese making.  I wrote specifically about Caerphilly which I have completed the end to end process, from cow to my mouth and I declare it as my favourite cheese that I have made so far.If you would like to have a read, please pop over and visit the Co-op.Gav   [Continue Reading …]

A Simple Message

My Dad told me when I was a very young lad, not to talk about Politics, Religion or Football at a in social conversation unless you want trouble at that event. Well, Dad, sorry mate, but I feel I have to break one of the golden rules.  Our two party political system works okay up to a point, however they are usually able to be influenced by corporations who only have short term profits at the   [Continue Reading …]

Education, All In One Place


Finally a bit of praise for our government.  How hard did it used to be to find out about green tips, ideas for rainwater saving, and the ever important rebates to help turn a little darker shade of green?  When I first started out 3 and a bit years go on this journey, it was almost like pulling teeth to get the right site with the right info and links to further information.    [Continue Reading …]

Kev’s Patch – Round 2


I promised you all that I would not give up regarding the Kev's Patch Campaign that a few other bloggers and I are involved in.  Here is my second letter back from the leader of Australia's department.  Only my address has been omitted for obvious reasons.Australian GovernmentDepartment of the Prime Minister and CabinetONE NATIONAL CIRCUIT BARTONReference:C09/4382820 August 2009Dear Mr WebberThank   [Continue Reading …]

Selling Our Children’s Transitional Future


Am I the only person in Australia that thinks that the multi billion dollar deal to sell Liquified Natural Gas from the Gorgon Gas field to China, India and other is a bad thing?With Peak Oil looming ever so near on the horizon, which the Chinese and Indians well know, it seems that all Australian energy companies want to do is make as much money as they can in the shortest   [Continue Reading …]

Winter Harvest


Even though in some climate, winter is not really a big season for growing vegetables, I find that the mild temperatures (1-17C) is ideal for most winter vegetables and I still manage to fill all the beds.  The only thing that I am not going to grow next year are the purple podded peas, as the yeild is just not big enough for the space it takes up.  I will replace them with snow peas,   [Continue Reading …]

Amish Glider Rocker


We now have one happy young lad, who simply loves to sit in his new rocking/glider chair and reading books in the evening!  Danni, our neighbour was giving away the glider on Freecycle and we popped over for some other reason and asked if we could take it off her hands.  "Gladly", she said and now we are the proud owners of an Amish Glider with cusions.  I don't know if it was   [Continue Reading …]

Forced Simplicity When It Counts

I don't know if you know, I have buggered up my back again and am spending a fair amount of time recovering in bed, but what you may not know is that there is a big financial loss associated during any recovery time.  Because my injury has now been over 12 months, and due to workcover laws in this state, I receive a statutory weekly limit which is reduced by any work that I may be   [Continue Reading …]

Water Restrictions are not a valid excuse Kevin!


Back on the campaign trail for Kev's Patch last night after some inspiration from Julie and littlem over at the Kev's Patch campaign website.Here is the second letter I wrote to the Hon Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.Subject: Kev's Patch - Organic Vegetable Gardening at the LodgeDear Prime Minister Rudd,I am writing to encourage you to reconsider having a vegetable patch at The  Lodge or   [Continue Reading …]

Path towards Zero Carbon

This is a future scenario I have wanted to write for some time now.  Some ideas are not original and all of the technology exists today, however the basic story line is my creation and is centred around the state of Victoria, Australia.  I hope you enjoy my vision of a possible journey to zero carbon.Spring 2021.It is a lovely spring afternoon, and a special day it is,   [Continue Reading …]

Pepper Jack, son of Monterey


This type of cheese is a variation on Monterey Jack which hails from the Monterey area in California.  It was bought over by the Spanish via Mexico and was originally known as Queso del Pais.  I made this cheese quite some time ago and here it is fresh out of the press around the 25th May 2009.  I waxed it after it had was touch dry.Anyway, we cracked it open on the 1st August, after having left   [Continue Reading …]

Camembert Update


I can't exactly say that my Camembert cheese making efforts were an astounding success.  It looks okay in the picture, but wait until you read the rest of the story!  I did everything as per the recipe, including all the tips I remembered from the mould cheese making course I attended, but things just didn't go my my way.The white mould formed well on all four rounds that I made in the first   [Continue Reading …]

A Change Is As Good As A Holiday

Well, I thought it was about time I threw off the blogspot shackle and got my own domain name.  Hopefully it will be easier for people to find, but will take a couple of days to register at all the planetary Domain Name Servers throughout the Internet.  For those who have not cottoned on yet, my new blog address is http://greeningofgavin.comI have been assured by Blogger that the old   [Continue Reading …]