Foodie Sunday

Home baking is the best!

Kim got stuck into making a few yummy things in the kitchen whilst I was working in garden planting an apricot tree and a nectarine tree.  We now have 10 fruit trees in the front yard which from now on in is designated as “The Orchard”.

So what did Kim make?  Well, first she baked an Almond slice with a home-made plum jam base.  She made the shortcrust pastry base from scratch which is then spread with plum jam, and mixed up ground almonds, castor sugar, icing sugar, egg white and almond essence and spread that on top.

I think I might see if I can get a dwarf almond tree for the orchard so that we can grow our own organic almonds. 

They are oh so yummy, and will be a welcome addition to lunch boxes during the week.

Then she made some Granary Scones, topped with some of my Caerphilly Cheese.  They were our afternoon tea.

She is resting now, because it took a fair bit out of her being on her feet for a few hours.  Well done love.  You rock my world.


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    Just watch for cockatoos if you grow nut trees. My Dad’s neighbour tried growing pecans IIRC, and not a single nut ever made it past the cockies!

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    @ Nevyn. Kim said she will write it down for me. I will post it in the next few days.

    @ Margaret. Kim is on the mend, she spent most of the day in bed today, but is up and about today.

    @ Julie. Right back at you. We could swap garden produce and baked goods! I will keep looking for some nut trees because I reckon they would make a good addition to the orchard. I have a few spots left.


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    You have no idea who much I am wishing I lived around the corner from you right now 😉

    If you find a dwarf almond tree, let me know, I’m looking for one too!

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    Well if we had the technology I would be saying, ‘beam me up Scotty, I’m coming for afternoon tea’. Oh well I guess I will just have to bake my own.

    Hoping Kim is feeling better.


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    I don’t suppose you’d be willing to part with the recipe for that almond slice. I love almond slices/cakes. I’m trying to cut back on the chocolate and nibbling on something that sounds so yummy would go along way to helping me kick my chocolate addiction.

    Pleeeeease may I have the recipe?

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