Earth Song

Love him or loath him, Michael Jackson struck a chord with me well after he released the Earth Song. I first saw the video clip just after my green epiphany in 2006, even though the song was released in 1995 on the HIStory album. I missed it because my head was swimming with conspicuous consumer thoughts at the time and it was the year I got divorced from my first wife. A pretty ordinary time in my life I must tell you!

Anyway, even though you had a troubled life Michael, you left us with many gifts, and I believe that this one is the most meaningful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



  1. Tanya Dorahy says

    Gotta agree with you there, I have had the song playing in my car for the past few weeks. The first moment I heard this song reminds me of the whole global environmental issue, and so does Julian Lennon song Saltwater. They reckon that global warming is a NEW issue but clearly it is not as songs from when I was like 5 are about the environment.
    I really believe that Michael Jackson despite whatever negatives he had, was very conscious about the world and human suffering, and was often overlooked because of his unique attributes and personality.
    I listen to his songs recently and feel like you can learn so much about who he was. I never really did before because I thought he was a bit odd and he was beyond my ‘era’ as I am only 26, I really admire the song tho yes. Thanks for the insight Gavin.

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