Cheese Goodies

Today, my parcel of cheese goodies arrived from Green Living Australia that I ordered only four days ago.

I ordered another café thermometer so that I don’t cross contaminate the second batch of cheese if I am making a mould cheese and a hard cheese at the same time. Up until now I have had to sterilise the one I had every time I wanted to check the temp of the other pot. A bit of a pain, but all sorted now.

I also bought another kilo of cheese wax because I have run out. 125ml of calcium chloride, 2 muslin cheesecloth as the original ones are now starting to disintegrate after about 12 batches of cheese. The new cloths look very sturdy and have a fine knit so I won’t have to double them over anymore.

Finally I bought some Propioni Shermanii culture which is used to make Swiss type cheese like Emmenthal and Gruyère. I do believe that I will making some on Friday night! This is just so much fun.

Oh, and I sent off an email about how much I received, because the little jar had about 1/16th of a teaspoon in the bottom. I checked my cheese books and found to my suprise that they state that I needed 1 teaspoon of Propioni Shermanii per 8 litres of milk. So, I just had to ask the team at Green Living if there had been a mistake. Well, no sooner had I shot off the email, I received a phone call from David who works there with his sister Val. He explained to me that they use a concentrated culture from Italy and that you only have to use a tiny, tiny bit. The end of a very pointy knife is what he suggested.

So, problem solved, and great customer service to boot! Nice one Green Living Australia. It is great to see people who cares about their customers and are passionate about the products they sell.


  1. Margo says

    I use green living a lot for my cheese and preserving supplies.

    I’ve always found their service excellent.

  2. says

    @ Julie. Unfortunately it is guess work for the lighter pressings. I figure that because it is a 50lb spring that half way is 25lb and quarter way is about 12-13lb pressure.

    @ Rose, not a problem at all. They are very friendly.

    @ Toria, the containers were made by Decor and are normally used to store cakes and the like to keep them fresh. You could use the Tupperware version. Nothing special about them at all.


  3. says

    I’ve just been reading some of your old cheesemaking posts & am intrigued by the container you have your camenbert & I think your stilton in currently. Are they the tupperware containers that come with racks in the bottom for storing vegetables? Or are they a specialty cheesemaking container?

  4. says

    Oh! Gruyere! Enough already, I’m drooling at it’s only breakfast time 😉

    Sensational service too. I’ve used them a couple of times and they are always prompt and pleasant people.

    Question re: your cheese press (I bought the same one inc. the spring) – Excuse my ignorance, but how can you tell the difference between, say, 5 pounds of pressure and 15?

    Happy cheesemaking 😉


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